A Sneak Peek…

In between all the new doll craziness I actually had a chance to finish up my doll bookcase/dollhouse!

I’ll do a full post of it over the weekend but here’s a sneak peek of Sunny in her new bedroom:


The New Girls

My tan pukifee girls actually arrived two weeks ago but since they showed up here on the same day as AQ16 Winnie they have been a little bit neglected – blog wise!

I was originally really surprised by the colour of the Fairyland tan resin, especially compared to the Lati tan and the AQ tan – it is much darker and has a very slight grey cast to it. I’d always been in love with the Fairyland tan in photos so was slightly disappointed by their appearance in real life. This made it especially difficult to bond with and develop looks for the new girls.


Why do my Pukifee boxes all say Puki Puki?

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The Wig-tionary

I get a lot of questions about where I get the wigs for my girls so even though I’ve mentioned it briefly in a previous post I thought I would go into a little more detail here!

Most of the wigs for my Pukifees and Lati Yellows come from formydoll – they have an amazing selection of wigs for tinies (I buy size SS which is 5.6 -5.7 inches) and great colours. I have also heard that they will custom make any wig style in any colour by request but I have yet to try this myself.


I’m about 80% sure Lea is wearing ‘[FMDSS M_18] COLOR F15’ but since the wig was sent by a lovely seller with my Ante, I can’t confirm this!

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