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When I decided to start collecting tiny bjds I had to somehow justify their cost (mostly to myself but a little to hubby too). While I’d always enjoyed photographing my Monster High and Pullips, it was never really in a serious way and always very sporadic so I decided with my new girls I would really try and not only get into photographing them but actually learn what my camera can and can’t do.


Previously I had always used a very basic (and cute) point and shoot camera but we did buy a decent Digital SLR camera a few years back. I didn’t use it often but I do admit when I did I had it on the most automatic mode possible and mostly just enjoyed turning the lens to zoom in and out ๐Ÿ˜€

There are the most amazing Pullip and BJD photographers on Flickr whom I have always greatly admired but the thought of producing something even remotely similar was so incredibly daunting but I definitely wanted to try!

So this is my setup:


Very simple L frame made of ply wood and painted white.ย The ‘skirting board’ was just purchased from Bunnings and isn’t exactly the right scale. I have since discovered you can buy actual 1/12 dollhouse scale skirting board which would look amazing. My ‘floor’ and ‘wallpaper’ are just sheets of scrapbooking paper and thankfully they are the perfect size for 16cm tinies.

I mostly take my photos in natural light, being in the height of summer gives me plenty of time even after I get home from work but in winter I do have a light setup which I use. It produces some great results but takes a little while to setup and I’m lazy!

This was one of the very first photo shoots I did:

old ante

Hadn’t quite got the hang of focusing manually yet and still working out the kicks with posing (haha kicks because she was – and still is – very kicky)

I’m thinking of doing a 365 days of dolly photos challenge to really get into the swing of things but that’s going to require some serious dedication…

XoX Cassemina

2 thoughts on “Dolly Photography

  1. This is awesome, Cassy. Thank you so much for sharing your setup! What are you using to hold up the “skirting board”? (Here in the US we call it “crown molding,” and I admit that I never knew what a “bunting” was until reading your dollhouse post a few days ago. LOL!) Anyway, I see there are slivers of something holding the boards up — maybe rubber bands?

  2. Thank you! Crown molding sounds way fancier! I like it ๐Ÿ˜€

    Don’t worry – I didn’t know what bunting was either until I worked for a film distributor and it was a common marketing material!

    You are exactly right – I used rubber bands to hold everything in place, makes it really easy to switch out backgrounds and floors (and you can daisy chain rubber bands if you can’t find any long enough)

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