A pair of Sunnies…

I should quickly apologise for the lame pun in the title but I couldn’t resist.

The weather is still pretty overcast which means not much light in the house and it’s raining outside so I can’t take everything out there but I did get a few photos taken anyway.


Lati’s Town Circus of Bremen Sunny is easily one of my favorite sculpts (I think I have probably said this before…many times!) and when I got the opportunity to purchase a second I leapt at the chance.

I’ve introduced Annabelle previously but here she is with my original Sunny – Alice (the blonde one).


I haven’t decided whether Alice will go back to being a brunette as well- I think the light coloured wig suits her tawny eyes better. I really want to give her new eyelashes as well but I think I better leave one of my girls stock.

I think they make an interesting pair, there are some small differences that really stand out when they are placed next to each other, Alice seems to have fuller lips whereas Annabelle has slightly larger eyes (this is probably more to do with her darker eye colour and lashes).

The girls are so adorable together- I wonder how my basic Sunny will fit in!

Also I got a quick photo of Zoe in too before the light disappeared, I really do love the magnets that Fairyland imbed into their tiny feet:


I’m a bird!

XoX Cassemina


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