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So I took my iMac to the Apple Store today and was told what I pretty much already knew – it was totally dead.

The repair options don’t sound too great – it’s either the logic board, graphics card, HDD or all three that are busted so now I am considering alternatives.

My iMac has served me very well for the 4+ years so I would ideally like to buy another however we are mid-cycle at the moment and the new revisions aren’t due until September-ish. I SHOULD just wait until then and just use my laptop for now but I’m super impatient and my laptop is super tiny!

I could always switch back to PC…I guess…and get a much better machine for a lot less than I planned to spend on a new iMac but…PC.

Since I finally worked out how to set up a poll I thought it would be a fun way to test it out 😀

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