Bliss and Peony

Apologises for the lack of posts lately! I have been sick and then completely unmotivated which is definitely not a great combination.

During this period  I had a few arrivals – my PukiPuki PongPong and Niko as well as Tiny Delf Alice. I’ll post about Alice shortly but  first let me introduce you to…

DSC05334 copy

Bliss (PongPong) and Peony (Niko)

I literally googled ‘upbeat happy girls name’ for PongPong. Totally creative hey!

DSC05307 copy

Puki Group Shot!

As you can see Bliss has had a few wig changes already – Puki wigs are difficult to find! Besides the amazing mohair wigs that were handmade for me I also bought a few Puki wigs from DDE with my order.

I purchased 2 x Fairyland Puki wigs (the brown one with a fringe in the photo above and the blonde pigtail bun in the first photo) and a size 3 leekeworld wig. All three cost a fortune for what they are and all three are terrible. The Leeke wig doesn’t come close to fitting even with a silicone wig cap, there is no elastic so the wig just ‘floats’ on the dolls head. The brown Fairyland one fits perfectly but is terrible quality, the fringe has a permanent bend in it about half way down just from sitting against the edge of the wig cap – I have tried to boil this out and I think it made it worse – the top of the wig is also not natural and rounded, instead it’s a little square again because the wig cap is just bad. The blonde Fairyland wig while ADORABLE is the biggest one yet, it doesn’t even come close to fitting – Bliss is currently hot glued to her wig. TERRIBLE.

Anyway enough complaining about the wigs (for now anyway!)

In other news Lucy got some new eyes! I really like Glib acrylics for all my Fairyland dolls – they are very very reasonably priced and I think they have amazing realistic pupil patterns.

DSC05295 copySo my love affair with Pukis continues even though I have discovered they are not so easy to pose and balance when they don’t have a sheet of metal underneath them (or when the fake grass you use is too thick for the magnetism to work). There’s definitely more Puki purchases in the future since they are so tiny I can squeeze them into any corner of the dollhouse!

Also everyone needs a Pong in their life –

DSC05326 copy

One more happy Bliss pic for the road 🙂

XoX Cassemina

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