Aquarius Doll – Fairy 16

There are just so many different BJD companies out there it’s really hard to discover all the amazing dollies. When I started collecting I made the decision to pretty much stick to 16cm (approx) sized dolls and thankfully this really helps to filter out a lot of companies and dolls that I look into (at least my wallet is very thankful).

Oh course I have since strayed from this rule as there may be a couple of YoSD sized dolls on order…

Since I jumped onto the Pukifee and Lati bandwagon so late and missed out on some amazing limited editions I was very very excited to discover that Aquarius Doll were releasing a new 16cm doll.


I ordered Winnie in light brown with Faceup B

I had never heard of Aquarius Doll before but just look at their adorable little faces! Who am I to resist such a cutie?

I am really looking forward to her arrival and subsequent review! Being able to review a new doll that hasn’t been on the market for long should be an interesting experience and I really hope I do it justice!┬áThe body on these little guys looks great – very similar to Lati but with a little more flexibility!

Wait time is listed as 3 – 5 weeks so hopefully Winnie isn’t too far away…

BTW – Aquarius doll have a 15% off event in case you want to jump on the new doll bandwagon with me!


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