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I can’t work how whether to have my posts under cuts (i.e the ‘continue reading’ option) or to have everything on main page so you can just scroll without clicking into any individual posts!

Please help me out and vote!

Unlike the whole Mac Vs PC debate I promise I’ll listen to you guys this time 😀

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P.S Please forgive me if I’m totally using the wrong blogging terminology!

Computer Options!

So I took my iMac to the Apple Store today and was told what I pretty much already knew – it was totally dead.

The repair options don’t sound too great – it’s either the logic board, graphics card, HDD or all three that are busted so now I am considering alternatives.

My iMac has served me very well for the 4+ years so I would ideally like to buy another however we are mid-cycle at the moment and the new revisions aren’t due until September-ish. I SHOULD just wait until then and just use my laptop for now but I’m super impatient and my laptop is super tiny!

I could always switch back to PC…I guess…and get a much better machine for a lot less than I planned to spend on a new iMac but…PC.

Since I finally worked out how to set up a poll I thought it would be a fun way to test it out 😀

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XoX Cassemina

Poor iMac

My trusty iMac, which I recently worked out is just over 4 years old, has sadly bitten the dust. My backup HDD decided that it was going to super helpful and also start trying to die on me…at the SAME TIME. What are the chances of that?!

iMacNow the decision to replace it will mean seriously digging into my dolly funds or I will need to get by on a tiny 11″ laptop that I don’t think can fit the contents of my iTunes library let alone everything else I have.

I also have no Photoshop…is there a /facepalm emoticon available because I am in need of it!

Winnie is on her way!

Just got notification that my Aquarius Doll AQ16 Winnie has shipped 😀

Screenshot 10:01:2014 3:12 pm


I’m pretty impressed with AQ so far since I ordered Dec 19, that means it’s taken them about 3 weeks to ship. I wish all companies were like that!

Based on prior EMS experience she should get here early next week – review incoming!

XoX Cassemina

Back at Work

Being back at work really cuts into my blogging time! >.<

While I try and come up with some post ideas, have a photo-


(apologises for resorting to iPhone photography!)

Poor Mio has been doing a bit of modelling for us lately so she gets to sit around naked but at least she has Bunny to keep her company.

XoX Cassemina