The Dollhouse Update

My dollhouse has undergone quite a few updates since I first posted about it. It was still a work in progress then and while it’s not completely finished yet, it’s much closer to be done now!

I recently became worried that having my dolls exposed to the light all day would make them yellow quite quickly so instead of a perspex window that I had originally planned for the front of my dollhouse I went with a solid plywood door. I had wanted to attach the door with magnets but the strip magnets I bought were so horribly weak we had to settle for velcro instead. Basically the entire front comes off using the little handles but while attached it keeps majority of the light and dust out of the dollhouse.DSC04867 Continue reading »

A Sneak Peek…

In between all the new doll craziness I actually had a chance to finish up my doll bookcase/dollhouse!

I’ll do a full post of it over the weekend but here’s a sneak peek of Sunny in her new bedroom:


My MYO Wig

Custom made mohair/angora/alpaca wigs are all the rage these days and I wanted to get in on the action!

Now I LOVE wigs, even with my Pullips I have far far more wigs than dolls. A new wig can change the look and feel of a doll so much that it’s almost like getting a new one! While I love synthetic fibre wigs that are smooth and shiny, I also like to have a collection of natural fibres in my arsenal. I find mohair and alpaca wigs especially tempting for the tinies because there are so few wigs in these sizes that don’t have a full, blunt fringe.

My first attempt at sewing a mohair wig was disastrous (and painful!), the first wig I made was WAY too small and the second was WAY too big. Not only that but my seams were way too big and it just kind of looked like a dogs breakfast. I’m not really sure how you are meant to stick a needle through the thick hide without killing your finger or how you can possibly sew seams so tiny either by hand or with a machine, so I pretty much gave up. Basically the end result was a lot of wasted mohair…opps.

Thankfully I had saved the mohair since it seemed like a waste to throw it out, even if it wasn’t exactly a ‘wig’ the fur on it was still good! Inspired by all the amazing alpaca wigs I have been seeing lately I decided to try my own using scraps of mohair.


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