The Not-So-Exciting Happenings

It’s been a while since a new doll has arrived so nothing super exciting to update on! Obviously I thrive on new things – maybe BJDs wasn’t the best hobby choice for me :D.

Just an update on some recent BJD happenings – you may have noticed that Momocolor Lucy has disappeared from my Waiting Room without actually having arrived. With all the issues they have been having lately and since they didn’t reply to my many messages (asking to confirm my order since I ordered directly through Paypal, not the website) I thought it best to open a Paypal dispute while I still could. Besides a mass mailout saying they would ship outstanding dolls Jan 24 (which came and went) they never replied to the dispute so Paypal closed this off and refunded me my money.

While I’m glad I have my money back and can stop worrying about it, I feel terrible for all the people who have exceeded their dispute window and still don’t have their dolls. I am pretty certain Momocolor will eventually come to the party and delivery everyones dolls though so I am sad I won’t see my Lucy.

In happier news I used the refunded money to purchase a Tiny Delf Alice in Light Tan (I think) with the help of an awesome friend in the US.  YAY NEW DOLL! Hopefully she won’t take too long to arrive although she is going from Canada –> USA –> Australia so I’m not really holding my breath.

I am super excited about her – I think she is going to fit in perfectly and she has such a unique expression which I can’t wait to see in person.

Lastly I cleaned up my wishlist! My collection is growing at an insane rate and I need to be stopped! I’ve really culled it down to the dolls I definitely really really want and in no particular order they are:

-PukiPuki Ruby NS (blank – I plan to send her out for a faceup)

-PukiPuki Lily NS (only if FL will substitute the ‘Caramel Mushroom’ faceup)

-Pukifee Flora NS

-Pukifee PongPong NS (I never thought this little girl would ever be on my wishlist but there she is!)

-Pukifee Vanilla TS

-Honey Delf Choco LSB (this girl has been on my wishlist forever as I originally asked for her for my bday, I think she would go nicely with my Peakswood FoF Hucky.

XoX Cassemina

Luts Tiny Delf

So the internet keeps taunting me with gorgeous pictures of the Tiny Delf crew and I have pretty much succumbed to the temptation.

The only problem is that I can’t for the life of me decide who will fit in best with the others.

In the running are Alice, Gretel and Hansel – probably all in Light Skin Brown (although Alice is tempting me in Normal Skin as I’d really love another redhead).

I love Alice’s sleepy expression although I feel she probably won’t be as versatile as the others, Gretel is very cute but a bit too wide eyed and Hansel is maybe a little too smiley. See? Dilemma!!

Also their egg shaped heads are a little disconcerting – until covered up by a wig that is.

Normally I would just order all three and be like ‘HA – take that decision making!’ – but my collection is growing out of control way too fast already.

Since I cannot for the life of me work out how to put a poll up, help me out and comment – who do you think I should order?

XoX Cassemina

Aileen Doll Dragon Rot

The newest addition to my not so little doll family is Chromie – an Aileen Doll Rot. While I’m not particulary fond of the name ‘Rot’ (she’s a pink dragon – why Rot?!) I just couldn’t resist her overall awesome dragon’ness’. She was originally a Christmas present from hubby but due to him not realising quite how long a BJD takes to arrive she ended up turning up just in time for my birthday.

(Side note: Anyone who plays or has ever played WoW will probably get the naming reference even though the real Chromie was actually a Bronze dragon ^.^)

I was far too excited to remember to take any photos of the actual unboxing process but here are some photos of her box…long after I had freed her from it:


Nice, simple box…slightly confused by the description.

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Aquarius Doll AQ16 Winnie – Part THREE

I think the general consensus in the BJD world is that Fairyland dolls have some of the best posable bodies on the market. They seem to have more joints and be more flexible than a lot of other companies.

The only Fairyland dolls that I own so far are my Pukifees – what was only going to be Luna (the very first Pukifee I ordered who is probably still about 3 months away) has turned into a whole family of these little guys and I’m definitely looking to add a Tan Vanilla, Tan Flora and possibly Natural Skin Flora to my collection.

Anyway this is all off the topic!


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