Tiny Delf Alice

DSC05341 copyI finally have a Tiny Delf!

This has been a long time coming but my Tiny Delf Alice has finally arrived. She’s a gorgeous Real Brown Skin with the default Luts faceup and since she was purchased second hand so I don’t know if/how much she has yellowed over time.

While I really love the sweet, subtle Luts makeup she does has a tiny chip in her eyeshadow which is slowly driving me insane – thankfully her wig is covering it up for now.

DSC05379 copy

L-R: Pukifee Tan, Lati Yellow Light Tan, Luts Real Skin Brown, AQ16 Real Skin Brown

These are the different shades of tan that I have in my collection – my favourite is still the Lati Yellow Light Tan which looks a little yellow in this picture but I think is a very realistic representation of a golden sun tan in real life. The Luts and AQ tans are also very nice although they tend towards the cooler browns than the golden Lati tan, I think I prefer the Luts tan slightly more than the AQ.

The Pukifee/Fairyland Tan is a different story – I think while it photographs beautifully in real life it comes across slightly grey and mauve-ish and lacks the warmth of the other companies. It’s probably more of a natural skin colour than a colour achieved by a sun tan if that makes sense!

You can also see here that Tiny Delfs are pretty much identical in size to a Lati Yellow however her head is a bit bigger – or at least her forehead area. This means that all my silicone wig caps don’t come close to fitting her – except the actual Luts ones (makes sense!). I also found her head cap very loose though it is held on by a magnet, it’s very easily removed even if most of the time that’s not on purpose.DSC05357 copyThe general consensus in the BJD community is that the tiny delf body is great and has great posability – closer to that of a Pukifee than a Lati Yellow. She definitely stands very solidly and I have no worries of her falling over. In fact while trying to get the four dolls to line up in a row for the photo above I gained a new respect for the Tiny Delf and her ability to stand up! My Lati Yellow just did not want to stand – even with shoes on – her knees would buckle and she would topple over, this is surprising since my other Latis have been quite good so I’m chalking this one up to loose stringing?

The one problem I have with Alice and probably Tiny Delfs in general are her arms. DSC05339 copyI hate them with a passion.

Keep in mind that my doll is second hand and might just be really loose but I find her arm/shoulder joints seriously problematic. They pop out of their joints way too easily and end up looking deformed most of the time.

DSC05348 copy

Straight, perfectly aligned arm

DSC05349 copy

Her arm looks broken…

DSC05351 copy

Opps joint popped out again!

DSC05349 copy

Very unnatural elbow…

Now I don’t know if it’s just me but I am struggling to get these arms into any sort of natural position. I would love to hear from anyone who has a Tiny Delf who has worked out how to pose these little guys!

My second problem is with her shoulders – I can’t get them down enough to have her arms by her side without it looking like I completely dislocated her shoulders, what am I doing wrong!?

DSC05345 copy

This is about as far as I can get her arms to go down by her side while still looking ‘natural’

Now besides from the arms I find the Tiny Delf body to be at least as a good, if not better than a Lati Yellow (well definitely better in the standing department!). Besides the additional chest joint they are pretty similar from the waist down, Alice can sit nicely and her legs/hips can lock into a series of different positions easily.

DSC05353 copyShe also has really nice and chubby little hands! I think these are adorable and quite realistic.

So while I think Alice is very cute and I’m happy to have a Luts doll in my collection, I don’t know if Tiny Delfs are my cup of tea – thankfully this means I won’t need to bring home anymore!

DSC05359 copy

Introducing Hadley!

She definitely has a certain charm though…

XoX Cassemina

Teeny Tiny

I think I have a new love…

My Tan Puki’s arrived today and while I thought they would be cute I was not prepared for the complete amazing-ness that is super tiny BJDs. Firstly since all my Pukifees came in boxes that said ‘Puki Puki’ on them, I assumed Fairyland would use the same boxes for Pukis’ too but they don’t! They come in SUPER tiny boxes which I love since I am fast running out of room to store them all.

The girls themselves are just gorgeous – they are pretty much what I expected them to be size wise but I didn’t expect them to be as well proportioned as they are. Their faceups are amazingly delicate for their tiny size however they don’t come with eyelashes which, while understandable, is a little annoying. Ante just doesn’t look right without eyelashes – my one tiny gripe about these dolls!

DSC05141 copy

Puki Ante and Puki Lily

These dolls have incredible posability! I thought my Pukifees were the champion posers but these little ones – just wow. I don’t know if it’s because of their size which makes them easier to handle or their lighter weight but for me, they are much easier to balance and pose.

DSC05135 copyDSC05143 copy

 Also it might have something to do with the fact they have no wig to put them off balance and no clothes to cover their joints…

DSC05144 copyDSC05145 copy
That’s right – I am ashamed to admit that in all the excitement of my Puki’s shipping I forgot to actually order them any clothes…or wigs…or shoes. Although it might be for the best since I’m not sure I could handle too much cute at once! At least bald and naked they are not at the maximum cuteness that we all know they can achieve.

DSC05146 copyThese Puki’s impressed me SO much in fact that I immediately disregarded my dolly buying ban and ordered a Puki Niko (in stock at DDE – WOOT!) who will hopefully arrive to join these girls soon. I might also need to add a few more Puki’s to my wishlist – a natural skin Lily, Pipi and Ruby I think.

Turns out you can never have enough tinies!

XoX Cassemina

The Latest Additions

My latest arrivals are actually the very first BJDs I ever ordered back in November last year! I had just decided to dive into the crazy world of tiny resin dolls and was trying to decide which Lati Yellow to buy when I realized that I couldn’t actually order any since the order period was closed.

The next best thing was a Pukifee so  I took advantage of DDE’s awesome layway policy and ordered a Pukifee Luna – it was the Alice in Wonderland fullset that really caught my attention but since they were all sold out I just ordered a basic version of her. About a week later after browsing endless photographs of all the Pukifees I decided to add a Bonnie to my order as well (it just made sense since I would save so much on shipping and all…).

As you all know however between ordering these two girls and their eventual arrival a LOT of other dolls have turned up – waaaaay more than I had originally planned or even considered!

Anyway I am so happy to add these girls to my collection –


Amy – Pukifee Bonnie

Amy is named after one of my favourite redheads – Amy Adams

DSC05115 copy

Persephone – Pukifee Luna

I thought the name Persephone would work nicely with her sister – Penelope (Pukifee Mio)

All the girls were being VERY stubborn today (they just wanted to fall over a lot) and the light was fading so more photos will have to wait!

XoX Cassemina

Sseiren Dandy Jadu – A Review

My adorable Sseiren Dandy Jadu (limited edition) arrived recently thanks to a lovely fellow dolly collector and I thought I would post my first impressions first before going into a full review.

It’s really interesting how my opinion of her changed over a couple of days.


First Impressions

Sculpt – beautiful face, adorable delicate little nose with big eyes and a mostly neutral/maybe slightly smiley lips

Faceup – GORGEOUS eye makeup with very sweet shaped eyebrows (eyebrows are super important for me, they totally change the entire expression of the doll), nice long lashes and pretty rose lips but for some reason, the artist has decided to give her BRIGHT PINK splotches on her cheeks. I’m talking really bright, obvious pink splotches, like imagine a toddler got into her mother’s makeup and went crazy with blusher style.

Body – It feels light and cheap and is very pink. Looks similar to a Lati body but with an additional torso joint. I can’t get her legs to straighten at all so standing is difficult, her feet look…strange and her hands – OMG her hands! These are so bad they are almost scary, the wrist is super long and the entire hand is over-sized and not human looking. I would very much move her to a different body but her neck hole looks quite large so I don’t think it will be an easy switch and she is far pinker than both Lati’s and Pukifees.

Review (I’ve had her for about 5 days at this point)

Ok so my first impressions about her were not that great, I was pretty disappointed overall actually.

The strange thing is after handling her for a couple of days a lot of her negatives turned into positives…or at least neutrals. She started to really grow on me!

Her sculpt is still one of my favourite things about her – it’s just so adorable and I like how her expression is fairly neutral. Her heavy blusher is still bugging me though and I am seriously considering a new faceup for her but I just love the rest of her faceup and don’t want to risk changing it up too much.

SONY DSCThe Dandy body was incredibly frustrating for me to begin with, having been use to the incredible posability of Pukifees and the nice balance of Lati’s it was very difficult to get use to something very different.

SONY DSCThe body itself looks great, it’s very cute and well proportioned in my opinion. The pinky hue is actually very natural even if it is very difficult to find a skin tone match in other dolls.

While it definitely does not have the same ‘weight’ to it compared to my other girls, you don’t really notice it after the initial surprise.

I still have some difficulty getting her to stand and balance but I wasn’t expecting for the body to be actually very very posable, just in a very different way. After spending some more time with her I discovered that the Dandy arms can pull off natural looking poses that my other girls can’t get close to and even the over-sized hands started to look more normal to me.SONY DSC


Star Trek Fan?

I think the main problem I have with my Jadu are her leg joints – they are…interesting.

SONY DSCThey don’t really click into place and just want to flick into a bent position. Which is really how I discovered that Dandy Jadu is fantastic at sitting…

SONY DSCand kneeling…

SONY DSCand everything in between!

SONY DSCSONY DSCAs you can see she can pose great as long as she’s not standing. She has a great range of movement in her arms and her torso and her head moves and stays in position beautifully (unlike some Pukifees I know!).

She is also incredibly cute.


I am too sweet to be offended by your first impressions

I am very very glad I gave her more of a chance, she’s actually a very beautiful doll in her own right. She is extremely photogenic and while she doesn’t quite fit in with my other girls, she has claimed a spot with my Pullips next to my computer.

While I probably wouldn’t buy another Dandy doll in the future I am so glad she is a part of my collection and the more I look at her the more adorable she becomes!

XoX Cassemina





Even though my iMac died and I know it needs to be replaced ($$$) I have somehow ended up 4 more dolls on their way. I think I have some serious self-control issues!

There are a couple of new dolls coming who I am super excited to blog about – Dandy Jadu and Tiny Delf Alice! It should be really interesting to see how they go up against my Pukifees and Latis.

Also on their way are Lati Yellow Sunny (I can’t get enough of her) and Pukifee Flora – in my defence…at least Flora was on my Wishlist!

XoX Cassemina


I was reminded that Winnie doesn’t get enough attention so she got some new lashes and a new wig today 🙂