Dolly Buying Ban

As of yesterday I am on a complete dolly ban! *GASP*

Now I haven’t decided whether this includes things like dolly wigs/clothes and other accessories but if it doesn’t my spending will still be fairly limited (I hope) although with my brilliant self control I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up with more dolls than ever this month.

What this mostly means is that unless Latidoll get around to actually shipping the dolls I have on order you won’t be seeing many new dolls on this blog in the coming months but you will hopefully see more of my current collection!

I have also re-discovered that with the cooler temperature come daylight savings which means by the time I get home from work it is literally pitch black outside and my photography using lights still leaves a lot to be desired so I’m going to try and be a lot more productive during the weekends – but since the light in my dolly room is the best during early mornings…that’s going to be tough.

Anyway recently I discovered an eBay seller who had some very very cute Pukifee fur wigs for an insane price (approx $4.50AUD with free shipping) and since it was so cheap I decided to try it out.

Enter the new look Amy:

DSC05381 copyI am pretty impressed by this $4.50 wig! It’s not hemmed or anything but I do like that it’s not super poofy every where and it has a very natural look to it. I mean come on – it was $4.50! It fits nicely over a silicone wig cap and can be styled quite easily (within reason) with a dolly hairbrush – I find my old Monster High brushes work perfectly on a whole variety of wigs.

The wig arrived really really fast but oddly enough I actually ordered 2 wigs and they were shipped separately…and the second one hasn’t arrived yet…I should probably message the seller about that. I have since ordered a bunch more so hopefully they work as well as this one does.

If you want to check these wigs out on eBay just do a quick search for Pukifee Wig – there aren’t that many other wigs for sale anywhere near that price 🙂

I also spent Sunday night procrastinating about going to bed by giving Winnie some new, more natural eyelashes, new glass eyes and a new hairdo:

DSC05389 copy Isn’t she just the cutest?! I’m really liking my AQ16 doll more and more.

XoX Cassemina


Even dollhouses need renovating sometimes!

The bottom floor of my dollhouse was just too yellow for my liking with it’s yellow wallpaper and supposedly ‘cream’ but mostly yellow carpets. It made the poor dolls look really washed out and well…yellow.

I ordered some new wallpaper recently after looking through paaaages and paaaages of eBay listings and finally got around to changing it over!

DSC04877 copy

Old yellow room

DSC05280 copy

In progress…

DSC05360 copy

Renovation Complete!

While the renovations were going on I had to move all the girls up to the higher floors together-

DSC05281 copyI love how they look all squished together although it really brings home how many dolls I have – this is an old photo too, since then more have arrived!

XoX Cassemina

Fairyland Event!

Did everyone see the new Fairyland event that just started?

I (and a lot of others) were hoping for a rerun of tan Pukifees but alas it was not meant to be – my dream Tan Flora and Vanilla remain out of my reach – instead Fairyland have release two new Pukifee sculpts!

We have Pukifee Dony:

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 6.08.55 pm

And Pukifee Cony:

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 6.09.29 pm

Both girls are available as full sets or as basics – click the pictures to go straight to the Fairyland site (where the photos are from!).

I think it’s interesting where Fairyland have taken these girls, to me they seem very very different to all the other Pukifees in that their faceup is quite dramatic and sophisticated, especially for a doll that essentially portrays a 5-6 year old child. Dony especially has very dark eye makeup and very done up lips however she is my favourite of the two, I think I would prefer her much more with darker eyebrows though.

So I haven’t decided if I’m going to order Dony – while I do like her I’m not getting the overwhelming NEED to own her like some of my other Pukifees. I do admit I have trouble resisting something new and shiny so I might cave before the ordering period is up.

Fairyland are also offering these bonuses during their event period (taken straight from their news&notices):

2. Event Gift Options

A. $250 or above : Hat for pukipuki/realpuki (BW resin)

B. $350 or above : PukiFee faceplate (NS or BW)

C. $450 or above : Little Fee faceplate (NS or BW)

D. $650 or above: MiniFee head (NS or BW)

E. $1500 or above: a + b + c + d (NOTE: “sp” gift is NOT included with “e” gift set option)

SP. $800 or above: Moe Line Boy one-piece type torso (NOTE: this gift cannot be selected with other gift options)

No news on what these free faceplates will look like but do note that there is an up to 30 business day delay on current orders – on top of the already long 50 (?) business days processing time – basically be prepared for a loooooooong wait.

Either way I can’t wait to start seeing these new girls around 🙂

XoX Cassemina

Bliss and Peony

Apologises for the lack of posts lately! I have been sick and then completely unmotivated which is definitely not a great combination.

During this period  I had a few arrivals – my PukiPuki PongPong and Niko as well as Tiny Delf Alice. I’ll post about Alice shortly but  first let me introduce you to…

DSC05334 copy

Bliss (PongPong) and Peony (Niko)

I literally googled ‘upbeat happy girls name’ for PongPong. Totally creative hey!

DSC05307 copy

Puki Group Shot!

As you can see Bliss has had a few wig changes already – Puki wigs are difficult to find! Besides the amazing mohair wigs that were handmade for me I also bought a few Puki wigs from DDE with my order.

I purchased 2 x Fairyland Puki wigs (the brown one with a fringe in the photo above and the blonde pigtail bun in the first photo) and a size 3 leekeworld wig. All three cost a fortune for what they are and all three are terrible. The Leeke wig doesn’t come close to fitting even with a silicone wig cap, there is no elastic so the wig just ‘floats’ on the dolls head. The brown Fairyland one fits perfectly but is terrible quality, the fringe has a permanent bend in it about half way down just from sitting against the edge of the wig cap – I have tried to boil this out and I think it made it worse – the top of the wig is also not natural and rounded, instead it’s a little square again because the wig cap is just bad. The blonde Fairyland wig while ADORABLE is the biggest one yet, it doesn’t even come close to fitting – Bliss is currently hot glued to her wig. TERRIBLE.

Anyway enough complaining about the wigs (for now anyway!)

In other news Lucy got some new eyes! I really like Glib acrylics for all my Fairyland dolls – they are very very reasonably priced and I think they have amazing realistic pupil patterns.

DSC05295 copySo my love affair with Pukis continues even though I have discovered they are not so easy to pose and balance when they don’t have a sheet of metal underneath them (or when the fake grass you use is too thick for the magnetism to work). There’s definitely more Puki purchases in the future since they are so tiny I can squeeze them into any corner of the dollhouse!

Also everyone needs a Pong in their life –

DSC05326 copy

One more happy Bliss pic for the road 🙂

XoX Cassemina

Bee & Lucy

As you know my Pukis actually arrived late last week and have been sitting in their boxes waiting for their clothes and wigs to arrive. I hadn’t actually organised anything at all prior to their arrival so thankfully a lovely friend came to my rescue and sent me some items that she made for my girls!

My little satchel arrived yesterday (yay for friends in the same country as you!) and everything was just AMAZING! I spent so long playing with it all I didn’t actually get a chance to take any proper photos until today.

First up is my tan Puki Lily who looked like a ‘Bee’ to me:DSC05264 copy

I can’t get over how adorable she is, I love her little pout and her faceup is perfect once her angry little eyebrows are covered up. I need to seriously start thinking about getting a NS Lily too…

My tan Puki Ante – Lucy – also got in on the action:

DSC05271 copyShe looks amazing as a blonde but you will have to excuse her crazy evil soulless demon eyes. She actually has light green acrylics in (she came with the most hideous pink eyes!) but they are obviously not catching any of the light at all…either that or she is actually evil.

DSC05276 copySo let us talk about these amazing outfits – I love me a good fairy dress and these are the cutest little fairy dresses! I love how easily they are to get on and off and the best thing of course, is how adorable they look on! I also have matching dresses in pastel pink and pastel blue for my incoming Pukis – I hope they get here soon.

We can’t forget about the gorgeous wigs too! She made me four wigs in various colours and I love how they are not ultra poofy like most mohair wigs, I don’t think the tiny Puki heads can take all that hair really. As you can see the wigs fit my girls perfectly and they work so well, I actually put Lucy’s head (with wig on) inside a baby sock overnight to get a slightly sleeker look and it turned out exactly how I wanted it to.

If you are reading this M!ndy – thank you thank you thank you! For making such awesome Puki wigs and outfits and doing it so fast after I messaged you for help!

DSC05272 copy

Bee says “Dang right I look good!”

XoX Cassemina