Hard at Work

I actually got off my butt this weekend and took some photos – yay!

DSC05199 copyFirst up was my lovely Zoe – funny to think I was seriously considering selling her when she first arrived but after lots of trial and error with different looks she is one of my favourites now.

DSC05208 copyI thought I would give Sara a bit of a change up – I love her eyes and faceup but she sometimes is just a little too sad. This wig doesn’t really help make her any less sad but it’s cute and with the addition of the pink ribbon I’m calling it a win!

DSC05240 copyOh Pixie – she has slight wonk eye here, opps. I’m liking this auburn wig on her but I’m still not sure if it’s THE ONE.

DSC05254 copyI love my NS Flora but I keep seeing tan ones and they are to die for…maybe Avery needs a twin too (if Fairyland ever do another Tan Pukifee event!)

DSC05242 copyIt is surprisingly difficult to get two dolls to look in the same direction. Buttercup has spent her entire life here being a cute little redhead but sadly that seemed to clash with Pixie so she is now a strawberry blonde. Also somehow Pixie is taller than Buttercup – not sure how that works.

I plan on doing a BIIIIIIG group shot once all my Pukis have arrived and are dressed/wigged. Not really sure where I can take the photo so they all fit but that should be an interesting challenge.

I’m going to leave you with a quick ‘outtake’:

DSC05218 copy

Please noooooo…

Hubby tried to feed Sara a cookie – as you can see from her face she REALLY didn’t want it…her expression KILLS me here.

XoX Cassemina

Teeny Tiny

I think I have a new love…

My Tan Puki’s arrived today and while I thought they would be cute I was not prepared for the complete amazing-ness that is super tiny BJDs. Firstly since all my Pukifees came in boxes that said ‘Puki Puki’ on them, I assumed Fairyland would use the same boxes for Pukis’ too but they don’t! They come in SUPER tiny boxes which I love since I am fast running out of room to store them all.

The girls themselves are just gorgeous – they are pretty much what I expected them to be size wise but I didn’t expect them to be as well proportioned as they are. Their faceups are amazingly delicate for their tiny size however they don’t come with eyelashes which, while understandable, is a little annoying. Ante just doesn’t look right without eyelashes – my one tiny gripe about these dolls!

DSC05141 copy

Puki Ante and Puki Lily

These dolls have incredible posability! I thought my Pukifees were the champion posers but these little ones – just wow. I don’t know if it’s because of their size which makes them easier to handle or their lighter weight but for me, they are much easier to balance and pose.

DSC05135 copyDSC05143 copy

 Also it might have something to do with the fact they have no wig to put them off balance and no clothes to cover their joints…

DSC05144 copyDSC05145 copy
That’s right – I am ashamed to admit that in all the excitement of my Puki’s shipping I forgot to actually order them any clothes…or wigs…or shoes. Although it might be for the best since I’m not sure I could handle too much cute at once! At least bald and naked they are not at the maximum cuteness that we all know they can achieve.

DSC05146 copyThese Puki’s impressed me SO much in fact that I immediately disregarded my dolly buying ban and ordered a Puki Niko (in stock at DDE – WOOT!) who will hopefully arrive to join these girls soon. I might also need to add a few more Puki’s to my wishlist – a natural skin Lily, Pipi and Ruby I think.

Turns out you can never have enough tinies!

XoX Cassemina

The Latest Additions

My latest arrivals are actually the very first BJDs I ever ordered back in November last year! I had just decided to dive into the crazy world of tiny resin dolls and was trying to decide which Lati Yellow to buy when I realized that I couldn’t actually order any since the order period was closed.

The next best thing was a Pukifee so  I took advantage of DDE’s awesome layway policy and ordered a Pukifee Luna – it was the Alice in Wonderland fullset that really caught my attention but since they were all sold out I just ordered a basic version of her. About a week later after browsing endless photographs of all the Pukifees I decided to add a Bonnie to my order as well (it just made sense since I would save so much on shipping and all…).

As you all know however between ordering these two girls and their eventual arrival a LOT of other dolls have turned up – waaaaay more than I had originally planned or even considered!

Anyway I am so happy to add these girls to my collection –


Amy – Pukifee Bonnie

Amy is named after one of my favourite redheads – Amy Adams

DSC05115 copy

Persephone – Pukifee Luna

I thought the name Persephone would work nicely with her sister – Penelope (Pukifee Mio)

All the girls were being VERY stubborn today (they just wanted to fall over a lot) and the light was fading so more photos will have to wait!

XoX Cassemina

The Stockpile

Have I mentioned before that I have somehow amassed a HUGE box of 5-6 size wigs and tiny glass eyes?

What you see on the girls themselves is only the tip of the iceberg. Oddly enough I don’t really have many spare outfits, maybe because I know in my mind exactly what I want but haven’t been able to find it so far. I want something totally frou frou and pink and lacey and frilly…but I don’t want to pay through the nose for it – a combination that is proving difficult to obtain!

So anyway I mentioned previously that Zoe got a new wig and I’ve been dying to show it off because I really do love it. It’s a Monique Gold Ginger wig that I ordered from Facets by Marcia who I cannot recommend enough. She charges a very reasonable international shipping rate which is almost impossible to come by these days! And she ships them out super fast once you pay (assuming she’s not away at a meet/convention).

DSC05069I buy the size 5-6 for my girls and they fit perfectly without a wig cap, with a silicone wig cap it’s a squeeze but will definitely still work.

All the Monique Gold wigs I’ve bought have been great, they have a beautiful range of colours and they seem to be consistently good quality however it’s really hard to tell how a wig will look on a Pukifee when they use ‘adult’ doll models. Anything with big soft waves and curls is a pretty safe bet though.

The hair on these wigs are beautifully soft and silky although as with all curly wigs you have a few fly-aways. Normally this would drive me insane but I love this wig so much I don’t even care! The wig cap is dark so there is always that chance of staining but since Zoe is a tan doll I am just going to worry about it when it happens.

While taking some photos of Zoe and her new ‘do I also took the opportunity to take some better photos of Avery:


She’s not quite so orange in real life I promise!

She is also wearing a Monique Gold wig – Somo – which is mohair and in a light blonde which appears to be sold out. This wig gets a little frizzy in such a tiny size but I still love it, it’s very low maintenance, you just kind of fluff it with your fingers.


Can you keep a secret?

I just had to share this photo because I am so happy with how it turned out! They look so adorable together ^.^

XoX Cassemina


The Many Faces of Flora

Since her arrival yesterday, Avery has already had quite a few different looks. It’s really hard to settle on something when these little guys look good in everything!

You’ll have to excuse the iPhone photos >.<

She started with the blonde mohair wig that you saw in the intro post:


But she quickly moved onto a deep auburn fur wig that matched her eyebrows nicely:


I liked the darker colour on her because it’s not something you see on a lot on this sculpt, it also made her look a little like a Japanese anime character (this probably has more to do with her little sailor/school uniform dress).

She then stole Zoe’s pink mohair wig which gave her a more ‘woodland fairy’ look:

image(1)Thankfully Zoe got an amazing new wig today so she didn’t have to sit around bald while someone else ran around in her wig!

Not that Avery wore the pink for long since she ended up settling on the perfect blonde Monique Gold mohair wig that just arrived:

photo(2)I say ‘perfect’ but lets see how long it actually ends up lasting since mum saw her and immediately said ‘that wig is too light for her’ and now I am having doubts!

So which look is your favourite?

XoX Cassemina

P.S After inspecting her some more in the light I think she has more of a coral blush rather than peach, it does tend to tinge a bit orangey, but in a gorgeous way!