Finally – some new arrivals!

Apologises for the lack of posts lately! Things have been pretty crazy and will probably just get crazier so all things dolly related have taken a bit of a backseat.

My dolly buying ban has been going strong. Still no purchases of anything dolly related (or otherwise really) since early April – although I must admit a Lego Movie Miss UniKitty kit did come home with me recently – it was the last one in the store and on sale, obviously it was meant to be! Anyway besides that one little purchase I am totally still on (in?) the wagon.

Thankfully even with this spending ban I have a few outstanding orders from late last year that had yet to arrive and I finally, FINALLY recieved the shipping notice for my basic Lati Yellow girls last week – WOOT! They were picked up from the post office this morning and I’m hoping to get a chance to open them either tonight or tomorrow. Now these girls were ordered on November 1 2013 so I feel like they have been a long time coming – pretty much exactly 6 months – I don’t think I’ve ever waited this long for anything before!

I’m hoping to get a chance to share my new girls with you this weekend – I’m especially excited by my Basic Lumi who is pretty much the doll that started it all!

Stay tuned 🙂

XoX Cassemina

Hard at Work

I actually got off my butt this weekend and took some photos – yay!

DSC05199 copyFirst up was my lovely Zoe – funny to think I was seriously considering selling her when she first arrived but after lots of trial and error with different looks she is one of my favourites now.

DSC05208 copyI thought I would give Sara a bit of a change up – I love her eyes and faceup but she sometimes is just a little too sad. This wig doesn’t really help make her any less sad but it’s cute and with the addition of the pink ribbon I’m calling it a win!

DSC05240 copyOh Pixie – she has slight wonk eye here, opps. I’m liking this auburn wig on her but I’m still not sure if it’s THE ONE.

DSC05254 copyI love my NS Flora but I keep seeing tan ones and they are to die for…maybe Avery needs a twin too (if Fairyland ever do another Tan Pukifee event!)

DSC05242 copyIt is surprisingly difficult to get two dolls to look in the same direction. Buttercup has spent her entire life here being a cute little redhead but sadly that seemed to clash with Pixie so she is now a strawberry blonde. Also somehow Pixie is taller than Buttercup – not sure how that works.

I plan on doing a BIIIIIIG group shot once all my Pukis have arrived and are dressed/wigged. Not really sure where I can take the photo so they all fit but that should be an interesting challenge.

I’m going to leave you with a quick ‘outtake’:

DSC05218 copy

Please noooooo…

Hubby tried to feed Sara a cookie – as you can see from her face she REALLY didn’t want it…her expression KILLS me here.

XoX Cassemina


Not sure if you have worked it out already but I have about zero patience…at times it’s in the minuses…yet I still continue to order from Lati doll who I am well aware are waaaay behind on their orders.

My basic order that I placed in November (Nov 1 to be exact) is apparently still in the middle of ‘processing’ according to the not very helpful Lati Q+A. This is after giving me an estimate of early Feb, then middle Feb then…early March.

The main issue I have with Lati is their seemingly random order fulfillment, based on the waiting room on DoA I know that people who have ordered basics weeks AFTER me have had their orders shipped out in Jan – what does this mean Lati!? Shouldn’t you be making these dolls in the order you receive payment or am I just far too logical?

I also know that there are plenty of people who have been waiting far longer than me for their dollies so I definitely shouldn’t be complaining but…I WANT MY DOLLIES NOW!

Aaaaand /rant.

XoX Cassemina

P.S My DDE order arrived last week (Bonnie + Luna) and I can’t wait to introduce them!

Introducing Annabelle

I had wanted to take some new photos to introduce my newest addition – Annabelle, but the weather today has been horrible. By the time I got home it was pretty much dark so the fancy photos will have to wait!

For the time being Annabelle will just have to settle with some quick photos I took yesterday, the below being the only one to survive the trash bin:

12609265383_cc894479af_zIt’s not the greatest but Annabelle is so cute I am sure no one minds 🙂 She is a Town Circus of Bremen Sunny (yes my second!) and I got a little bit more creative with her.

She didn’t come with her default eyechips so I didn’t feel too bad about replacing them with some light aubergine glass eyes (14mm I think). I also replaced her eyelashes which was NOT an easy task and only accomplished with a lot of swearing and threatening (yes I threatened the eyelashes, not my proudest moment).

I am always amazed at how much difference a new eye colour and eyelashes can make but in Annabelle’s case this is especially apparent, she looks almost nothing like her twin (whom I have now named Alice) with her updated look.

Hopefully the weather picks up soon as I’m really looking forward to taking some decent photos of my twins!

XoX Cassemina

Lati White

Latidoll must have known my biggest weakness when they announced the Beauty & The Beast Collection – anything Disney related and I am so there.

I had no plans to add any Lati White dolls to my collection – as adorable as they are they are just SO TINY even compared to Puki Puki. Latidoll lists them as 10cm tall, there is also an SP version body which, at 12cm, is closer in size to the Pukis but is not available across their entire range.

Their Beauty & The Beast event reeled me in good though – not only did I order Candle Holder Haru (tan doll, what can I say?) but little Mini Teapot Belle jumped into the cart too.

Screenshot 1:01:2014 3:25 pmOriginal Latidoll Promo Image

I mean look at her! To make matters worse they are offering a tan version for $10 more so my fate was sealed. And sealed happily 🙂

So this event was supposedly the ‘re-launch’ of the Lati White with their renewal body but as they only released the one Lati White doll among 5 Lati Yellow dolls I’m not really seeing a big fuss made about the poor little guys. I also can’t really see the difference between the original Lati White body and the new one but maybe it’s one of those things you need to compare in person.

I’m really looking forward to her arrival (in like…9 months time) so see just how tiny she really is. She looks adorable posing with Lati Yellows so I think she will fit in nicely and seriously, could you resist that face?

XoX Cassemina


new year

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and a dolly-filled 2014!