Dolly Photography

When I decided to start collecting tiny bjds I had to somehow justify their cost (mostly to myself but a little to hubby too). While I’d always enjoyed photographing my Monster High and Pullips, it was never really in a serious way and always very sporadic so I decided with my new girls I would really try and not only get into photographing them but actually learn what my camera can and can’t do.


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Aquarius Doll – Fairy 16

There are just so many different BJD companies out there it’s really hard to discover all the amazing dollies. When I started collecting I made the decision to pretty much stick to 16cm (approx) sized dolls and thankfully this really helps to filter out a lot of companies and dolls that I look into (at least my wallet is very thankful).

Oh course I have since strayed from this rule as there may be a couple of YoSD sized dolls on order…

Since I jumped onto the Pukifee and Lati bandwagon so late and missed out on some amazing limited editions I was very very excited to discover that Aquarius Doll were releasing a new 16cm doll.


I ordered Winnie in light brown with Faceup B

I had never heard of Aquarius Doll before but just look at their adorable little faces! Who am I to resist such a cutie?

I am really looking forward to her arrival and subsequent review! Being able to review a new doll that hasn’t been on the market for long should be an interesting experience and I really hope I do it justice!ย The body on these little guys looks great – very similar to Lati but with a little more flexibility!

Wait time is listed as 3 – 5 weeks so hopefully Winnie isn’t too far away…

BTW – Aquarius doll have a 15% off event in case you want to jump on the new doll bandwagon with me!


Can’t resist posting a Sunny photo ๐Ÿ™‚


Waiting Room!

A quick post – my waiting room page is up if you want to catch up with my latest spending frenzy and see what dolls are incoming!

Just click on the link at the bottom of the page ๐Ÿ™‚


The Pullip Post

I really couldn’t skip introducing my Pullip family since they are technically, in some circles, considered bjds ^.^ AND they are within the ‘Tiny’ size guidelines so here we are!

neo angeliqueWhen I intially got into Pullips I remember my very first doll was Neo Angelique, I even watched an episode of the anime so I could pretend I totally knew who she was when really I just liked her blue hair and cool outfit.

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