Mio’s Mohair Wig

Some mohair wigs I ordered for my girls arrived yesterday (had to literally chase the postman down the street to get them but that is a WHOLE other story).

While the blonde one is saved for one of my new Tan girls, Mio called first dibs on the auburn one – I think the colour looks fantastic on her, it really goes nicely with her eyeshadow. I find the wig itself really difficult to style but that is probably more my problem than the wigs!

The fit is great but it does have a tendency to slip off when I’m trying to style it, or slip back when I’m posing her. This isn’t really surprising given how mohair wigs are constructed – I will be looking into ways to secure it better if this turns out to be Mio’s permanent wig.

I love how voluminous the wig is and the colour is just gorgeous, I think it photographs really well with it’s highlights and lowlights. It is incredibly soft and fluffy and SUPER long though, itreaches the ground when she’s standing. It also drowns her little face when it’s not clipped back BUT look at how cute it looks around her little ears 🙂

I think the new wig suits her nicely but opinions are always appreciated!

XoX Cassemina


Winnie is on her way!

Just got notification that my Aquarius Doll AQ16 Winnie has shipped 😀

Screenshot 10:01:2014 3:12 pm


I’m pretty impressed with AQ so far since I ordered Dec 19, that means it’s taken them about 3 weeks to ship. I wish all companies were like that!

Based on prior EMS experience she should get here early next week – review incoming!

XoX Cassemina

The Wig-tionary

I get a lot of questions about where I get the wigs for my girls so even though I’ve mentioned it briefly in a previous post I thought I would go into a little more detail here!

Most of the wigs for my Pukifees and Lati Yellows come from formydoll – they have an amazing selection of wigs for tinies (I buy size SS which is 5.6 -5.7 inches) and great colours. I have also heard that they will custom make any wig style in any colour by request but I have yet to try this myself.


I’m about 80% sure Lea is wearing ‘[FMDSS M_18] COLOR F15’ but since the wig was sent by a lovely seller with my Ante, I can’t confirm this!

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