The Stockpile

Have I mentioned before that I have somehow amassed a HUGE box of 5-6 size wigs and tiny glass eyes?

What you see on the girls themselves is only the tip of the iceberg. Oddly enough I don’t really have many spare outfits, maybe because I know in my mind exactly what I want but haven’t been able to find it so far. I want something totally frou frou and pink and lacey and frilly…but I don’t want to pay through the nose for it – a combination that is proving difficult to obtain!

So anyway I mentioned previously that Zoe got a new wig and I’ve been dying to show it off because I really do love it. It’s a Monique Gold Ginger wig that I ordered from Facets by Marcia who I cannot recommend enough. She charges a very reasonable international shipping rate which is almost impossible to come by these days! And she ships them out super fast once you pay (assuming she’s not away at a meet/convention).

DSC05069I buy the size 5-6 for my girls and they fit perfectly without a wig cap, with a silicone wig cap it’s a squeeze but will definitely still work.

All the Monique Gold wigs I’ve bought have been great, they have a beautiful range of colours and they seem to be consistently good quality however it’s really hard to tell how a wig will look on a Pukifee when they use ‘adult’ doll models. Anything with big soft waves and curls is a pretty safe bet though.

The hair on these wigs are beautifully soft and silky although as with all curly wigs you have a few fly-aways. Normally this would drive me insane but I love this wig so much I don’t even care! The wig cap is dark so there is always that chance of staining but since Zoe is a tan doll I am just going to worry about it when it happens.

While taking some photos of Zoe and her new ‘do I also took the opportunity to take some better photos of Avery:


She’s not quite so orange in real life I promise!

She is also wearing a Monique Gold wig – Somo – which is mohair and in a light blonde which appears to be sold out. This wig gets a little frizzy in such a tiny size but I still love it, it’s very low maintenance, you just kind of fluff it with your fingers.


Can you keep a secret?

I just had to share this photo because I am so happy with how it turned out! They look so adorable together ^.^

XoX Cassemina


The Many Faces of Flora

Since her arrival yesterday, Avery has already had quite a few different looks. It’s really hard to settle on something when these little guys look good in everything!

You’ll have to excuse the iPhone photos >.<

She started with the blonde mohair wig that you saw in the intro post:


But she quickly moved onto a deep auburn fur wig that matched her eyebrows nicely:


I liked the darker colour on her because it’s not something you see on a lot on this sculpt, it also made her look a little like a Japanese anime character (this probably has more to do with her little sailor/school uniform dress).

She then stole Zoe’s pink mohair wig which gave her a more ‘woodland fairy’ look:

image(1)Thankfully Zoe got an amazing new wig today so she didn’t have to sit around bald while someone else ran around in her wig!

Not that Avery wore the pink for long since she ended up settling on the perfect blonde Monique Gold mohair wig that just arrived:

photo(2)I say ‘perfect’ but lets see how long it actually ends up lasting since mum saw her and immediately said ‘that wig is too light for her’ and now I am having doubts!

So which look is your favourite?

XoX Cassemina

P.S After inspecting her some more in the light I think she has more of a coral blush rather than peach, it does tend to tinge a bit orangey, but in a gorgeous way!


The New Girl

My latest little one arrived today and she is every bit as cute as I had hoped!

Introducing Avery – a NS Pukifee Flora!


She has a beautiful faceup which isn’t showing up that great in the photo – her cheeks have an adorable peachy flush but for some reason it’s coming up orange in the photos.

About 10 minutes after all the photos were taken I changed my mind about her wig and she is now a delightful brunette. Photos will probably have to wait until this weekend though! Summer is definitely coming to the end and the amount of light left when I get home isn’t quite enough for a photo shoot.

Pukifee Flora has been added to and taken off my wishlist since the beginning, while I loved her cute little faceup she’s a little more stylized and cartoony compared to my other girls and I was worried she wouldn’t fit in all that well. When I had the chance to pick her up second hand though I really couldn’t resist and I’m glad I didn’t try!


Funnily enough hubby thinks she’s kind of cute because it looks like she’s whistling

Like all the Pukifee girls, Avery is a delight to pose and photograph although even they are not that great at balancing on an uneven surface.



XoX Cassemina

Computer Options!

So I took my iMac to the Apple Store today and was told what I pretty much already knew – it was totally dead.

The repair options don’t sound too great – it’s either the logic board, graphics card, HDD or all three that are busted so now I am considering alternatives.

My iMac has served me very well for the 4+ years so I would ideally like to buy another however we are mid-cycle at the moment and the new revisions aren’t due until September-ish. I SHOULD just wait until then and just use my laptop for now but I’m super impatient and my laptop is super tiny!

I could always switch back to PC…I guess…and get a much better machine for a lot less than I planned to spend on a new iMac but…PC.

Since I finally worked out how to set up a poll I thought it would be a fun way to test it out 😀

What Should I Do?

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XoX Cassemina

A pair of Sunnies…

I should quickly apologise for the lame pun in the title but I couldn’t resist.

The weather is still pretty overcast which means not much light in the house and it’s raining outside so I can’t take everything out there but I did get a few photos taken anyway.


Lati’s Town Circus of Bremen Sunny is easily one of my favorite sculpts (I think I have probably said this before…many times!) and when I got the opportunity to purchase a second I leapt at the chance.

I’ve introduced Annabelle previously but here she is with my original Sunny – Alice (the blonde one).


I haven’t decided whether Alice will go back to being a brunette as well- I think the light coloured wig suits her tawny eyes better. I really want to give her new eyelashes as well but I think I better leave one of my girls stock.

I think they make an interesting pair, there are some small differences that really stand out when they are placed next to each other, Alice seems to have fuller lips whereas Annabelle has slightly larger eyes (this is probably more to do with her darker eye colour and lashes).

The girls are so adorable together- I wonder how my basic Sunny will fit in!

Also I got a quick photo of Zoe in too before the light disappeared, I really do love the magnets that Fairyland imbed into their tiny feet:


I’m a bird!

XoX Cassemina


Introducing Annabelle

I had wanted to take some new photos to introduce my newest addition – Annabelle, but the weather today has been horrible. By the time I got home it was pretty much dark so the fancy photos will have to wait!

For the time being Annabelle will just have to settle with some quick photos I took yesterday, the below being the only one to survive the trash bin:

12609265383_cc894479af_zIt’s not the greatest but Annabelle is so cute I am sure no one minds 🙂 She is a Town Circus of Bremen Sunny (yes my second!) and I got a little bit more creative with her.

She didn’t come with her default eyechips so I didn’t feel too bad about replacing them with some light aubergine glass eyes (14mm I think). I also replaced her eyelashes which was NOT an easy task and only accomplished with a lot of swearing and threatening (yes I threatened the eyelashes, not my proudest moment).

I am always amazed at how much difference a new eye colour and eyelashes can make but in Annabelle’s case this is especially apparent, she looks almost nothing like her twin (whom I have now named Alice) with her updated look.

Hopefully the weather picks up soon as I’m really looking forward to taking some decent photos of my twins!

XoX Cassemina