Introducing Nessa

SeHa has gone through a few looks since coming home but I think I may have finally found one that might stick…

New  SeHa

As you can see she also finally has a name – Nessa, inspired by Nessarose from Wicked (in name only!)

Nessa’s Transformation


Original Nessa was blonde, with her stock eyes but while she was super cute her eyes photographed a bit strangely, I wasn’t too sure about the ‘milky’ effect. I changed her eyes to 12mm turquoise ones and put her in the straight blonde wig you can see above.

nessa2She’s looks a lot less sad with her eyebrows covered!

Her next look was this straight blonde wig (pictured above), I loved this look on her but the fringe was a little crooked and in my infinite wisdom I decided to trim it. BAD IDEA. You would think I would learn to stop trimming dolly wigs since I have yet to have any sort of luck, mostly just a lot of ruined wigs. Anyhoo Nessa needed a new wig.

seha1While she looks cute here don’t be fooled – pinkeye is quite contagious!

She spent a short while in a straight light brown wig but I had changed her eyes to 14mm purple ones and with the brown wig she kind of looked like she had pinkeye – opps. Pinkeye dolly was not the look I was going for.

Her next wig was the wavy auburn one you see her in now. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the darker wig suited her nicely…well, it suited her a lot better once I got rid of those purple eyes. You can barely recognise her as a SeHa now!

I need your opinion – which look do you think suits Nessa best?

XoX Cassemina





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