Aquarius Doll AQ16 Winnie – Part TWO

Now that you’ve sat through my prattling about AQ16 Winnie in part one, you can see how she compares to Lati Yellows in this, part two!


AQ16 vs Lati Yellow

Pretty much straight away you can see the similarities between these two dolls. They are practically identical in height and throughout most of their body. The main difference is that Winnie has an additional joint in her upper chest and her head shape is a little flatter and rounder than Lea’s.

Looking at this picture I really prefer the AQ16 body to the Lati Yellow body, that extra joint adds a little bit more realism and overall she has a little more ‘curviness’ throughout which gives her a little bit more of a  ‘chubby toddler’ look. Lea is comparison looks very much straight up and down.

While both these girls stand very easily and solidly, Winnie definitely stands just that little more easily and is that little bit more balanced and she probably looks just a little more natural doing it.

DSC04796From the side you can probably see why Winnie is that little bit more balanced, her centre of gravity is perfect, well, central – and she has a great posture too!

Lea on the other hand is again, a little bit flatter and straighter and she has a tendency to fall backwards unless her head is positioned in the right spot.

DSC04797They look very similar from the back although Winnie’s knee joints are slightly different. You can’t really tell but even here Winnie looks to be standing with perfect posture whereas Lea is leaning slightly.

DSC04798Sitting down is again quite similar between these two. Lea was probably just that tiny bit easier to set up and have her sit unassisted by her own arms/hands but it definitely isn’t difficult to get Winnie to do. She does have a slight tendency to drop her head a bit.

DSC04800Ah the kneel.  Lea won this hands down – Winnie even bowed down to her (or she fell over because she couldn’t hold a kneeling position, either one!). Lea was incredibly easy to pop into this pose and she was very solid, Winnie’s knees didn’t seem to be able to hold this position, they wanted to click into either a straight position or bend too far to kneel.

DSC04801Both dolls have very similar hands although Winnie’s are more detailed. Not sure if this is because of her tan skin which shows more contrast but again she just seems to have just that little bit more realism.

DSC04802 This is my poor attempt to demonstrate Winnie’s extra chest joint. It didn’t work so well. She can lean both forwards and backwards although it doesn’t look all that natural. It does give her a better sitting and standing pose though, whether it is the actual joint itself or just the way the joint makes her look.

Part Three will be covering how Winnie goes when pitted against the posing champions – Pukifees – but as a sneak peek, here she is with my new tan Zoe.

DSC04810In real life their skin colours are nothing alike. Zoe is a lot darker and browner whereas Winnie is a smooth light tan. For me, Winnie’s resin colour has a lot of warmth whereas the Pukifee tan tends to be a little grey. In photos however the Pukifee tan is gorgeous!

DSC04815Hopefully you can see the colour difference a little bit better here – you can see how Zoe is very much brown brown whereas Winnie has a little bit more pink in her brown.

It’s really hard to compare these resins when they turn out so different in photos – I love how Zoe’s tan looks in these pictures but in real life I much prefer Winnie’s light brown!

Hopefully this gives you a good insight into AQ16’s and how they stands up against Lati Yellows – Part Three with Pukifees will be posted soon!

XoX Cassemina


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