Aquarius Doll AQ16 Winnie – Part THREE

I think the general consensus in the BJD world is that Fairyland dolls have some of the best posable bodies on the market. They seem to have more joints and be more flexible than a lot of other companies.

The only Fairyland dolls that I own so far are my Pukifees – what was only going to be Luna (the very first Pukifee I ordered who is probably still about 3 months away) has turned into a whole family of these little guys and I’m definitely looking to add a Tan Vanilla, Tan Flora and possibly Natural Skin Flora to my collection.

Anyway this is all off the topic!


Personally I am not the biggest fan of the Pukifee body. While I do agree that it is highly posable and looks great, I find it comparatively difficult to balance and pose. All my Pukifees are strung quite tightly and their legs tend to try and ‘kick’ at every opportunity! I find their little heads also want to lock into a couple of specific positions, namely, looking down or looking way up and getting them to hold a particular head position can be difficult.

I have NO IDEA how people manage to get these amazing poses for their Pukifees when I can barely get mine to stand! My next step is to buy a sheet of metal, hopefully with their feet magnets they will be able to balance better and maybe even try some crazy poses!

Ok slightly off topic again, back to the comparison…

AQ16 Winnie, as usual, stands like a pro. You can pretty much just pop her down and she will stay perfectly balanced. On the other hand it has always been a trial to get Ante to stand, while she is easily balanced she always looks like she’s slouching and leaning off to one side and to date I have not been able to get a single one of my Pukifees to stand up straight. These girls have terrible posture!

DSC04804Even with sitting Winnie does it just a little bit better. She again looks more solid and sturdy while Ante requires a bit of head juggling to stop her falling backwards. She does look more natural sitting down though and her legs close a lot more.


Poor Ante looks a little like those evolution photos you see with the neanderthal learning to walk upright, maybe I don’t have her knees fully straightened out?

I also prefer the way Winnie’s neck fits into her head very neatly rather than the gap you can see in Ante’s neck joint. On the other hand Ante has a much better range of movement in her head so it’s a little bit of give and take.

DSC04807You can really see Ante’s tendency to lean in this photo but since it makes her look quite natural I don’t mind it so much. It’s also obvious here that Ante has slightly longer legs than Winnie.

DSC04808I managed to get Winnie into an almost kneeling position here! She is, however, leaning precariously backwards whereas Ante kneels just fine and she looks great doing it!

DSC04809You can see here just how far back Winnie is leaning to get into a kneeling position. I have no idea why or how Ante also ended up leaning this far back but rest assured she can hold herself up more too.

So in summary I really really like the AQ16 tinies! They are a fantastic price for what you get and I can’t wait for them to release more sculpts. Oh and they deliver within a reasonable time frame which gives them a BIG tick from me 🙂

Now don’t get me wrong, I really LOVE my pukifees – Ante and Mio are very very high up their on my list of favourite dolls and I do really like their bodies. I like that they can sit really naturally on a chair/couch and I like that they have the larger range of movement. None of my other dolls can get close to looking as natural posing as the Pukifees can manage:


I’m just not fully convinced that they are as great as they are hyped up to be! What I really want is the chance to compare them to the Luts Tiny Delfs – the one main tiny bjd that is missing from my collection! I mean it IS in the name of research after all…




3 thoughts on “Aquarius Doll AQ16 Winnie – Part THREE

  1. *shirahime from DOA*

    I loved reading your comparison post. Thanks for posting! I did one too on my blog with my Mio and I have to say, I totally agree with you about the Pukifee bodies. My Mio does similar things to your Ante. Except recently, I noticed my Mio’s faceplate is very loose. I’m keeping it on at the moment with a wig cap.

    There’s a similar hype around the MNF A-line bodies and I have both the girl and boy A-line bodies. The girl A-Line body I have trouble with a lot. She is so fiddly to pose and it’s always a bit of a fight to get her to stand. I don’t trust her not to faceplant so I don’t leave her standing for long.

    I haven’t tried the kneeling position with my Jessie. It’s the one position I forgot in my comparison. Interesting to see they have a bit of trouble kneeling.

    I also find my Mio likes to throw her head back quite often. Wondering if maybe one of those tiny kips in that area might help…

    • Thank you! I would love to check out your blog if you could send me a link! 🙂

      I am so glad it’s not that me that struggles with the pukifees but they are just so cute I can’t resist any of them ^.^

      My Zoe actually has a strange neck thing (the little join thingie isn’t fully attached to her neck joint?) that makes her head really posable, but it does make her look like she has an adams apple sometimes haha.

      • You should be able to click on my name now and get to my blog.

        I think my Mio has that strange neck thing too. You can see it a bit in my photo of her looking up.

        When I was doing the pose off with my pukifee and aquarius doll, it actually took me a while to realise the pukifee had to be moved to a certain point before she would lock into place when sitting. I initially thought she couldn’t sit unaided. So I learned something new!

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