The New Girls

My tan pukifee girls actually arrived two weeks ago but since they showed up here on the same day as AQ16 Winnie they have been a little bit neglected – blog wise!

I was originally really surprised by the colour of the Fairyland tan resin, especially compared to the Lati tan and the AQ tan – it is much darker and has a very slight grey cast to it. I’d always been in love with the Fairyland tan in photos so was slightly disappointed by their appearance in real life. This made it especially difficult to bond with and develop looks for the new girls.


Why do my Pukifee boxes all say Puki Puki?

Pukifee Zoe was a sculpt that I was always quite unsure about. In some photos I just loved her and she looked so cute but in others her sculpt was slightly off and her nose was just a little bit weird. In the end when DDE had a few tan sculpts in stock and I had to choose between Zoe (a sculpt I didn’t own) and either Bonnie or Mio (sculpts I already own/will own) I chose to take a chance on Zoe.

When I first opened her up, combined with the surprise about the resin colour and her incredibly creepy glow-y very very light blue eyes, I really didn’t like her. She seemed much better suited to being a boy, I found her nose sculpt to be even stranger in person and I could not find a wig to suit her, it drove me crazy! I even considered selling her straight away but I didn’t like the thought of rehoming her so I decided to give her more of a chance.

In a couple of days, by pretty much exclusively only handling her, I got to a point where I started to like her. I posed her, changed her wig and eyes and clothes over and over again. Eventually I settled on a wavy blonde wig (FMD) and some light blue/green glass eyes.


Ok I admit she’s pretty cute and starting to grow on me…

She was starting to look much better to my relief and I decided that while she would probably end up staying, I would try and trade her for a Pukifee Vanilla in tan – that way I wouldn’t need to add another tan pukifee to my collection but I would get Vanilla (who is sitting very high on my wishlist).

Today some eyelashes that I ordered arrived so I thought I would try and make Zoe even more girly!


I LOVE this look on her!

I think we have a new favourite...

I think we have a new favourite…

This is it! Finally I am happy with how Zoe looks 🙂 The new eyelashes definitely make her appear more girly and I have finally finally found a wig that I am really happy with on her, I think it really brings out her nice golden tan! I also changed her eyes to a brighter dark blue which I think works nicely with her creamy blonde wig and she’s just so adorable now *squee* I am so relieved I didn’t end up selling her and persisted on finding her the right ‘look’…however that does mean I need to start saving for a tan Vanilla again!

The other tan girl I ordered with Zoe was a tan Ante. I am completely in love with the Ante sculpt and couldn’t think of anything better than a tan version of my Buttercup.

DSC04854Firstly, tan Ante is cute – I won’t deny that, but she does not come close to the cuteness of my original natural skin Ante. I’m sure it’s because Tante (get it!) hasn’t quite found her look yet and she also came with the incredibly creepy ‘possessed child’ eyes but for now I am a bit ‘meh’ about her. She also has some very obvious sanding marks on her right hand which is annoying and something I totally didn’t notice until today.

Either way, now that I am so so happy with Zoe I can start working on Tante. I have quite a few wigs on their way (including some gorgeous Luts mohair wigs!) so I’m hoping one of them will work really well and yes, I desperately need to find her some new eyes.

In summary:

The Fairyland tan resin looks amazing in photos but to me, looks completely different in real life. Now that I have gotten over the shock of seeing it for the first time in real life I have really warmed to it, it really is beautiful although I still prefer the Lati light tan. One thing I did not count on was how difficult it would be to find wigs that go well with tan resin – nothing I owned worked! Blonde was too harsh, browns were washed out, red just wasn’t right…I think I need to try some fantasy colours next.

Oh and Fairyland? It was mean to send me not one, but two tan doll with the same creepy eyes (trust it, it’s much worse in person!).

XoX Cassemina



6 thoughts on “The New Girls

  1. I have to admit, I was in the same mind as you with Zoe. I had liked her in some owner photos but others kind of turned me off the sculpt. You’ve done a fantastic job of making her look incredible. I love the wig, eye combo you have on her.

    The two Antes look gorgeous together. I love how different their skintones are next to each other. It is always fascinating to me how different a sculpt can look in tan.

    And I agree, tan is a hard colour to find wigs for. Right now I have a light pink wig on my AQ girl. I think I might end up getting a dark green/blue wig for her. Fantasy colours with tan do look quite good.

    • Thank you for the lovely comments ^.^ I honestly did not think that a change of eyelashes could make such a difference to Zoe! But I guess since my issue with her was she didn’t look girly enough the eyelashes were a easy fix.

      I can’t wait for my tan Ante puki puki to arrive…and maybe order a NS puki puki Ante – Ante overload 😀 It is really crazy just how different the resin colour makes a doll look – which is really difficult when you can’t decide between the tan or NS of a sculpt!

      I hadn’t thought to try fantasy colours with Winnie but that’s a great idea! Looking forward to seeing Jessie with her pink wig!

  2. I absolutely adore those eyeslashes on her! As I’ve told you before, I sometimes like Zoe and sometimes not, so that’s something we agree on. 😉 But those eyelashes really change her for me – into a much better Zoe! She’s awesome with those on, it really brings out her girly side.
    But where did you get those eyelashes? :O My Ante will definitely need those… (Also, I’m so jealous of you having not one, but TWO Antes!)

    And yes, fantasy colors really do the trick. I’ve tried some different colors on my LittleFee Leah in tan, and fantasy colors all seem to really work with the Fairyland tan. 🙂

    • Thanks you ^.^ It’s crazy how much different new eyelashes can make isn’t it?!

      I ordered the lashes from Nomyen on Etsy – pricey but well worth it! She also has a few different styles if you don’t want something as dramatic!

      Can’t wait to see your new Ante, she is totally the best. Must have ALL the Antes 😀

      I just LOVE your Leeke wigs that you had on Leah, they were the most amazing colours and looked incredible on her. I really need to order some!

  3. LOL at the comment about creepy eyes! I can totally relate – my Pukifee Pio (whose default face up has very dark shadowing around the eyes) also came with very light blue eyes which I changed out immediately due to their creepiness!

    • Haha they are the worst colour aren’t they! Both my tan girls came with them so I am thinking FL have an overstock? I’ve ordered new eyes for them but they are coming with my November DDE order – hopefully they are only a month away from shipping at most >.<

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