The Dollhouse Update

My dollhouse has undergone quite a few updates since I first posted about it. It was still a work in progress then and while it’s not completely finished yet, it’s much closer to be done now!

I recently became worried that having my dolls exposed to the light all day would make them yellow quite quickly so instead of a perspex window that I had originally planned for the front of my dollhouse I went with a solid plywood door. I had wanted to attach the door with magnets but the strip magnets I bought were so horribly weak we had to settle for velcro instead. Basically the entire front comes off using the little handles but while attached it keeps majority of the light and dust out of the dollhouse.DSC04867The top floor hasn’t really changed much –  I was pretty happy with how it turned out originally – the furniture has moved around slightly though and I did add a toy wooden train! The little jungle gym in the corner is probably much better sized for a Puki Puki but it covers up some bumps in the wallpaper nicely.

DSC04872I have since updated the middle floor a bit – the room on the right is now a little bedroom complete with the cutest tiny painting! The blue chair, while not the greatest for the girls to sit on (in fact, most of them can’t even sit on it because the cushions throw them off balance) looks great against the pink.


DSC04875 DSC04876
The bottom floor has had the most work done however I’m not really sure I like it – it’s very very beige. This room has been a mini disaster all the way through, I think I’ve changed the wallpaper in there about 3 times now and I somehow managed to miscalculate both the carpet and the yellow striped wallpaper and had to order a second batch so it would cover the entire room.


I haven’t quite decided what this room is suppose to be although I do really like the little fireplace. I am thinking of adding a small table so maybe a living/dining area?

Also I know I said red hair didn’t work for my Fairyland tan girls but it somehow manages to work on Winnie. She’s also the only doll I trust to be left standing!

DSC04869So there you have it! An almost complete dollhouse/shelf/doll storage area. I still need some furniture for the blue room on the middle floor but I am thinking once all my waiting room dolls have arrived I probably won’t have room to fit much more furniture!

XoX Cassemina


3 thoughts on “The Dollhouse Update

  1. Wow, this looks absolutely amazing. I love what you’ve done with it and the front cover with the handles is such a neat idea. And Winnie’s red hair looks gorgeous on her!

    • Thanks ^.^ You are right about fantasy colours on tan dolls too – I tried a light pink mohair wig on Winnie and she looked adorable!

  2. So ADORABLE! I need a house like that! ^ᴥ^
    I love that Blonde Wig on the Lati Yellow, I’m looking for one EXACTLY like that! WHERE DID YOU GET IT?

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