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The newest addition to my not so little doll family is Chromie – an Aileen Doll Rot. While I’m not particulary fond of the name ‘Rot’ (she’s a pink dragon – why Rot?!) I just couldn’t resist her overall awesome dragon’ness’. She was originally a Christmas present from hubby but due to him not realising quite how long a BJD takes to arrive she ended up turning up just in time for my birthday.

(Side note: Anyone who plays or has ever played WoW will probably get the naming reference even though the real Chromie was actually a Bronze dragon ^.^)

I was far too excited to remember to take any photos of the actual unboxing process but here are some photos of her box…long after I had freed her from it:


Nice, simple box…slightly confused by the description.

DSC04979She came wrapped up in plenty of bubble wrap and then tied up inside her pillowcase – she was definitely one safely wrapped up dragon! She also came with her certificate and not much else…like literally – not much else. Aileen dragons don’t come with any eyes (I did thankfully spot this on the site and ordered her eyes in advance) or, as it turns out, eyelashes. This was a pretty big surprise for me since for the price I would really expect her to come with both eyes and eyelashes, even if they are cheap acrylic ones.

Either way, she didn’t and for a little while I couldn’t work out why she was a little strange looking and not quite as cute as I expected until it hit me – no eyelashes! Luckily I had recently ordered some eyelashes from Nomyen on Etsy (best doll lashes even if they are quite expensive) and had a pair left over. DSC04893She is the cutest little dragon! I was a little worried as I had linked hubby to the site but didn’t specify anything about the makeup – I did expect her to turn up with no blushing but he totally worked it all out and she arrived fully blushed.

The first thing I noticed when I pulled her out of her box was that for once, here was a doll that was actually bigger than I expected, this probably has something to do with how tiny my other girls are rather than how big Chromie is. She has a nice weight to her and doesn’t feel too fragile. Her quality is great and she was blushed beautifully, although there are already bits that have rubbed off on her horns and some joints – these are all parts you can’t see when she is put together.

It was daunting to figure out how her faceplate came off since she had horns that were locked into place, turns out you kind of just pop them off (they are not held by anything) and pull at her face. Once I got that off, it took me forever to work out how to position her eyes, it’s really different from regular doll eyes and for a while her eyes were looking off in opposite directions before I worked it out. Since I am now happy with her eye positioning I can never ever move it again! Also after how easy it was to reapply Zoe’s eyelashes I did not expect this one to be difficult – I was wrong. They did eventually go on and stay on though…phew.

DSC04900I was surprised and delighted that Chromie can open and close her mouth (I don’t know why since this is quite obviously shown on the Aileen website!) and I love her row of tiny teeth. She isn’t the most articulated of dolls but I find her movements really endearing and she can pull off some adorable poses.


Deep in thought…

You must your right paw in!

You put your right foot in!


Her wings are gorgeous and have a good range of movement although it’s difficult to get them to stay in position sometimes. She has a few joints on her arms but they are so short it doesn’t really give them all that many options. She has moveable thighs and feet -talons?- but because she is quite top heavy she does tend to face plant a bit when I don’t have her lined up properly. Her torso and neck joint twist 360 degrees but her tail doesn’t move at all. Overall for me, she is a dragon! I don’t really expect her to be pulling the kind of poses my pukifees do and I’m perfectly happy with that although I know it does frustrate a lot of people.


Size comparison with Pukifee

Chromie looks great with Pukifee Ante (she looks quite small next to a Pukifee but she doesn’t feel small, if that makes any sense!) I think Aileen dragons are a gorgeous addition to any BJD collection – especially if you have a soft spot for mythical creatures – I would love to see her sitting next to a tinytaur! I can’t wait for Aileen Doll to release more dragons (and bat cats!) in the future as one dragon really isn’t enough.

XoX Cassemina





7 thoughts on “Aileen Doll Dragon Rot

  1. This dragon looks adorable! I had a similar problem with the eyes on my Camilla Dynasty Wong cat. He did come with eyes but I don’t know where they went to but because of his weird eye shape, I had trouble with positioning his eyes.

    Aileen Doll do some great looking pet bjds.

    Thanks for posing your dragon with Ante. I was wondering just how big they were.

  2. She’s very cute! I love how you have added the eyelashes. I had the same problem with the eyes on my Rot – and I still think they are a little wonky even now. I’m actually planning to order 18mm eyes for him at some stage, as I think the bigger size will work much better. I feel that my guy looks perpetually shocked and am hoping that a bigger eye might combat that. I’ve also got a picture of two dragons and a tinytaur on my Flickr stream if you’re interested –

    This is my first comment here, but I am so pleased I found your blog – my collection also tends towards the tiny side and I love seeing the dolls and projects of fellow tiny collectors!

    • Thank you!!!! ^.^

      I love your little dragons, I think your Rot looks adorable! I love the eye colour you picked. Your Seed is gorgeous too 🙂 Oh and they look perfect with your tinytaur *squee*

      Actually I love ALL your dollies – that tan Vanilla! And that Bonnie! Where do you get your amazing fur wigs? I love how they don’t sit all poofy!

      • Thank you! My fur wigs are from Monstro Designs, but I’m afraid she’s no longer making them. I love the quality of them (I have a couple from Sunny’s World on eBay and I think their quality is terrible). I wish Monstro would continue, but at least I was able to stock up a bit before she shut up shop 🙂

    • Thanks! Dragons are awesome 🙂 I didn’t seal her or anything, I assume she is already sealed! There is some paint chipping off where her horns lock in etc but otherwise she still looks great! Hope you get your little dragon soon!

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