Even though my iMac died and I know it needs to be replaced ($$$) I have somehow ended up 4 more dolls on their way. I think I have some serious self-control issues!

There are a couple of new dolls coming who I am super excited to blog about – Dandy Jadu and Tiny Delf Alice! It should be really interesting to see how they go up against my Pukifees and Latis.

Also on their way are Lati Yellow Sunny (I can’t get enough of her) and Pukifee Flora – in my defence…at least Flora was on my Wishlist!

XoX Cassemina

6 thoughts on “Somehow…

  1. Oooh exciting! Is Flora in Tan or NS?

    I’m really interested to see your pics of Dandy Jadu, there doesn’t seem to be too many owner pics outside of Korea.

    I’ve got another doll on the way as well, I seem to have some self control issues as well! I got my hands on a Lati Yellow Miel from the Aladdin release. My first Lati! I’m quite excited 🙂

    • Flora is just NS! She is beyond adorable in Tan though 🙂

      I’ll definitely do a post on Jadu when she arrives – I am pretty excited about her!

      Congrats on your first Lati!! Miel is a great choice – such a gorgeous doll, can’t wait to see pics!

  2. I just wanted to let you know that I’m very much enjoying your new blog and seeing all these lovely dolls. Unfortunately for me, I think you are going to be a bad influence lol :P.

    I hope you get a new computer sorted and are able to keep posting!

    • Thank you so much! <3 I am a great bad influence 😉
      I am finding it extremely difficult to justify a new computer when there are so many pretty dolls to buy 😀

        • Haha yep I imagine that would be me too! I’m taking it in this weekend to see if it can be repaired instead, that will hopefully only cost the equivalent of only one doll!

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