Introducing Annabelle

I had wanted to take some new photos to introduce my newest addition – Annabelle, but the weather today has been horrible. By the time I got home it was pretty much dark so the fancy photos will have to wait!

For the time being Annabelle will just have to settle with some quick photos I took yesterday, the below being the only one to survive the trash bin:

12609265383_cc894479af_zIt’s not the greatest but Annabelle is so cute I am sure no one minds 🙂 She is a Town Circus of Bremen Sunny (yes my second!) and I got a little bit more creative with her.

She didn’t come with her default eyechips so I didn’t feel too bad about replacing them with some light aubergine glass eyes (14mm I think). I also replaced her eyelashes which was NOT an easy task and only accomplished with a lot of swearing and threatening (yes I threatened the eyelashes, not my proudest moment).

I am always amazed at how much difference a new eye colour and eyelashes can make but in Annabelle’s case this is especially apparent, she looks almost nothing like her twin (whom I have now named Alice) with her updated look.

Hopefully the weather picks up soon as I’m really looking forward to taking some decent photos of my twins!

XoX Cassemina

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