The New Girl

My latest little one arrived today and she is every bit as cute as I had hoped!

Introducing Avery – a NS Pukifee Flora!


She has a beautiful faceup which isn’t showing up that great in the photo – her cheeks have an adorable peachy flush but for some reason it’s coming up orange in the photos.

About 10 minutes after all the photos were taken I changed my mind about her wig and she is now a delightful brunette. Photos will probably have to wait until this weekend though! Summer is definitely coming to the end and the amount of light left when I get home isn’t quite enough for a photo shoot.

Pukifee Flora has been added to and taken off my wishlist since the beginning, while I loved her cute little faceup she’s a little more stylized and cartoony compared to my other girls and I was worried she wouldn’t fit in all that well. When I had the chance to pick her up second hand though I really couldn’t resist and I’m glad I didn’t try!


Funnily enough hubby thinks she’s kind of cute because it looks like she’s whistling

Like all the Pukifee girls, Avery is a delight to pose and photograph although even they are not that great at balancing on an uneven surface.



XoX Cassemina

2 thoughts on “The New Girl

  1. She’s so cute, congratulations! I had avoided getting her because of the reason you mentioned–more stylized and anime looking–but after looking at your photos of her, I wish I had gotten her. She’s adorable!

    • Thank you! ^.^
      She definitely stands out from the others but I figured it would be ok since I planned to get a pongpong soon 😀 I can justify anything!

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