The Many Faces of Flora

Since her arrival yesterday, Avery has already had quite a few different looks. It’s really hard to settle on something when these little guys look good in everything!

You’ll have to excuse the iPhone photos >.<

She started with the blonde mohair wig that you saw in the intro post:


But she quickly moved onto a deep auburn fur wig that matched her eyebrows nicely:


I liked the darker colour on her because it’s not something you see on a lot on this sculpt, it also made her look a little like a Japanese anime character (this probably has more to do with her little sailor/school uniform dress).

She then stole Zoe’s pink mohair wig which gave her a more ‘woodland fairy’ look:

image(1)Thankfully Zoe got an amazing new wig today so she didn’t have to sit around bald while someone else ran around in her wig!

Not that Avery wore the pink for long since she ended up settling on the perfect blonde Monique Gold mohair wig that just arrived:

photo(2)I say ‘perfect’ but lets see how long it actually ends up lasting since mum saw her and immediately said ‘that wig is too light for her’ and now I am having doubts!

So which look is your favourite?

XoX Cassemina

P.S After inspecting her some more in the light I think she has more of a coral blush rather than peach, it does tend to tinge a bit orangey, but in a gorgeous way!


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