The Shelf

SONY DSCI thought long and hard about where my tiny bjds would live once they arrived and finally settled on a dollhouse shaped bookshelf. It’s the perfect size for the tinies and has plenty of room for more dolls as they arrive.




I used the same scrapbook paper to line the back and floors of the compartments to make it a little less bland:

The top shelf is what I am proudest of, it turned out so much better than I could have hoped (which doesn’t happen often!):



I used wrapping paper for the ‘wallpaper’, it’s a really cheap thin wrapping paper so it’s not sitting flat against the wall, I would recommend either using a thick cardstock or gluing the wrapping paper down flat onto thick card first. The ‘trim’ is a lovely peachy ribbon that I had lying around and it is just stuck on over the edge of the wrapping paper. The floor is more scrapbooking paper (best scrapbooking paper ever!) and the tiny bunting was found in Officeworks with the scrapbooking supplies.

The rug was super simple and handmade with instructions that I found online somewhere (yarn glued to a cardboard oval) but I actually replaced with a much nicer crocheted version earlier. I will be posting photos and a tutorial for it soon!

While it doesn’t get the best lighting for photography it makes for a great background and the way it’s setup gives the dolls things to interact with:


Hope you like my dolly shelf 🙂 if there is anything you want to know more about please leave a comment!

XoX Cassemina


2 thoughts on “The Shelf

  1. This is awesome, Cassy! You did a great job — very creative and resourceful. I think your tinies will really love living there! Thanks for sharing your dollhouse with us.

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