The Latest Additions

My latest arrivals are actually the very first BJDs I ever ordered back in November last year! I had just decided to dive into the crazy world of tiny resin dolls and was trying to decide which Lati Yellow to buy when I realized that I couldn’t actually order any since the order period was closed.

The next best thing was a Pukifee so  I took advantage of DDE’s awesome layway policy and ordered a Pukifee Luna – it was the Alice in Wonderland fullset that really caught my attention but since they were all sold out I just ordered a basic version of her. About a week later after browsing endless photographs of all the Pukifees I decided to add a Bonnie to my order as well (it just made sense since I would save so much on shipping and all…).

As you all know however between ordering these two girls and their eventual arrival a LOT of other dolls have turned up – waaaaay more than I had originally planned or even considered!

Anyway I am so happy to add these girls to my collection –


Amy – Pukifee Bonnie

Amy is named after one of my favourite redheads – Amy Adams

DSC05115 copy

Persephone – Pukifee Luna

I thought the name Persephone would work nicely with her sister – Penelope (Pukifee Mio)

All the girls were being VERY stubborn today (they just wanted to fall over a lot) and the light was fading so more photos will have to wait!

XoX Cassemina

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