And this happens…

If you’ve read my previous post about my tan PKs (Fairyland PukiPuki) you will know that I just adore them! They may have even instantly became my favourite size although this is really hard to tell at this stage since they are all still completely bald and nude.

It is definitely killing me that my little guys are still hiding out in their boxes while they wait for everything to arrive but I do admit that Lily’s box lives next to my desk and she comes out for a little play every day. Right now she is sitting on my computer as I type this – so cute!

Anyway the point is – not only did Puki Niko sneak into my DDE cart but Puki PongPong may have as well…

I know, I know! I have some serious self control issues but I blame the exorbitant shipping costs to Australia, I am not paying 1/3 of the cost of the doll in shipping fees – instead I will add a second doll. HA! That will show them for charging so much for shipping >.> My logic here is somewhat flawed.

So this means I have somehow ended up with 4 PKs in a VERY short period of time! CRAZY. And I still want a Ruby and since I can’t stop admiring tan Lily’s face I assume a NS version of her will inevitably make her way home but then that is totally it…oh but Ante is super cute too and she would be amazing in NS and what if Fairyland have some sort of awesome unmissable event or release some new sculpts?

There is no end to this madness – and I love it!!!

XoX Cassemina


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