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I really couldn’t skip introducing my Pullip family since they are technically, in some circles, considered bjds ^.^ AND they are within the ‘Tiny’ size guidelines so here we are!

neo angeliqueWhen I intially got into Pullips I remember my very first doll was Neo Angelique, I even watched an episode of the anime so I could pretend I totally knew who she was when really I just liked her blue hair and cool outfit.

Froggy, Bloody Red Hood and Naomi soon joined her (because with shipping from the US it just made more sense to order lots at the same time- I still use this excuse today!) and my Pullip collection started.

Fast forward to today and they have literally taken over our bookcase and shelves.

I should mention that my poor Pullips never really got quite as much attention as my BJDs, once they arrive they usually get rewigged, rechipped and then put in a pretty outfit (or some combination) but none of them have names or anything more…but they look pretty!

pullip 1Original Merl, Custom (Alte base), Bloody Red Hood

pullip 7Naomi, Kiyomi, Pulliphine

(poor Kiyomi has one eyechip that is pretty much yellow with no glitter at all so if anyone is selling Kiyomi eyechips please let me know!)

pullip 2

Ddalgi, Akoya, Pere Noel

pullip 3

The Twins! Alice Du Jardin and Alice Du Jardin Mint

pullip 4

Ludmilla, Romantic Alice Pink, Banshee and Souseiseki (or Suiseiseki?)

pullip 5

Dahlia, Nanette and my very favourite Eos

pullip 6

(this is where my desk got in the way so sorry for the wonky photos!)

GOSICK Victorique de Blois ย and Peter Pan

pullip 8

Henri, Peter Pan (yep another one!), Froggy

pullip 9

Snow Miku, Steampunk Eclipse Aurora, Neo Angelique and Lunatic Queen

Choi, Luna and Prupate

(plus a sprinkle of Little Pullips)

So there you have it!

Not pictured are MIB Hello Kitty, a custom who can’t seem to find a new home and Cinciallegra who is waiting for a new wig and eyes.

I’m actually planning to try some 26mm acrylic eyes on Cinci – the plan is to remove the eye mech entirely and just putty them in place. I’ve got the eyes on order so just waiting for them arrive, should be interesting to see how they compare!

I do admit there still a few Pullips I would love to add to my collection (and maybe a dal or two to keep my Tink company) but as you can see I’ve pretty much run out of room. IF I were to get a couple of new girls though I think Classical Alice Dal and SDCC Batgirl (red head ver.) would have to join the family!

Pullips! What do you think? Do you collect them? Who is your ultimate Pullip grail? ๐Ÿ™‚

XoX Cassemina

2 thoughts on “The Pullip Post

  1. Oh, I love Pullips! <3 I also collect BJDs, but they will always be second fiddle to my beloved Pullips. I have about the same number as you (30), although that number is split among Pullips, Taeyangs, Dals, and Isuls. I want to consider my Pullip family officially complete, but it's hard — there are still some older girls I'd love to get my hands on, and I like almost every Taeyang ever made (must… resist… ALL THE TAEYANGS!). I'm glad you posted about Pullips; I always love reading about them.

  2. I don’t think a Pullip family can ever be complete ๐Ÿ™‚ Just when you think you can resist buying any more Groove will release one that you just have to have! I think I am lucky that I limited myself to just Pullips (and maybe a Dal or two) – I don’t want to imagine how big my collection would have gotten with Isuls and Taeyangs!

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