Even dollhouses need renovating sometimes!

The bottom floor of my dollhouse was just too yellow for my liking with it’s yellow wallpaper and supposedly ‘cream’ but mostly yellow carpets. It made the poor dolls look really washed out and well…yellow.

I ordered some new wallpaper recently after looking through paaaages and paaaages of eBay listings and finally got around to changing it over!

DSC04877 copy

Old yellow room

DSC05280 copy

In progress…

DSC05360 copy

Renovation Complete!

While the renovations were going on I had to move all the girls up to the higher floors together-

DSC05281 copyI love how they look all squished together although it really brings home how many dolls I have – this is an old photo too, since then more have arrived!

XoX Cassemina

4 thoughts on “Renovations!

  1. OMG! so pretty, it looks amazing, where did you get all the furniture, it’s so cute and i would totally adore some for my upcoming dolls 🙂

    • Thank you! ^.^

      I found pretty much all my furniture at a dollhouse store- they are 1/12th scale which is a tiny bit small but works overall. The jungle gym is a Silvanian Family piece which is far too small for the pukifees but perfect for pukipukis 🙂

      Hope that helps!

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