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I don’t often post about my Pullips mostly because I’m pretty happy with my current collection and there haven’t been any changes/additions in a while. I did however order some kigurumis from Miss StarryHat which just arrived and they are so amazing I had to share with everyone!

I admit to being a massive My Little Pony fan so of course the kigurumis I ordered were of Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy. Sadly I didn’t get any photos of them by themselves as I got so excited I put them on my Pullips immediately.

So we have Pullip Cinciallegra as Flutteryshy (Type 3 Pullip Body):

DSC05371 copyAnd Pullip Suiseiseki (Or Souseiseki?) as Pinkie Pie (27cm Obitsu):

DSC05368 copyThese little onesies are incredible! They are so well made and so detailed, they have tiny little snaps along the front for very easy removable- and of course they are incredibly adorable! What’s also great is they fit perfectly on both Type 3 Pullip bodies (and I assume therefore all the other standard Pullip bodies) and 27cm obitsu bodies.

DSC05369 copyDSC05372 copyYou can see how accurate they are – look at Fluttershy’s little wings! I also love how their sleeves can be scrunched up and they stay that way!

DSC05362This is the best photo I have of the two together although Cinci is wearing her old wig – it’s the stock Alte wig which is one of the best stock wigs in my opinion – she had a quick wig change halfway through the photoshoot as this was just too heavy and full for her hood.

DSC05365 copyNow I just need a matching Rarity kigurumi and a tiny Lati sized Spike one…

XoX Cassemina

2 thoughts on “My Little Pullip

  1. Pinkie Pie is a Souseiseki, because her eyes are the opposite of my girl Summer, who was a Suiseiseki. đŸ˜€

    Also, those outfits are just way adorable! The scrunched up sleeves are too cute for words, that must be the right way to wear them, haha! đŸ™‚

    • Oh I didn’t realise the twins had opposite eyes – that’s awesome, thanks :D. Now I want to get Suiseiseki too.

      I kind of want to dress all my dolls up in kigurumis hehe.

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