Fairyland Event!

Did everyone see the new Fairyland event that just started?

I (and a lot of others) were hoping for a rerun of tan Pukifees but alas it was not meant to be – my dream Tan Flora and Vanilla remain out of my reach – instead Fairyland have release two new Pukifee sculpts!

We have Pukifee Dony:

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 6.08.55 pm

And Pukifee Cony:

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 6.09.29 pm

Both girls are available as full sets or as basics – click the pictures to go straight to the Fairyland site (where the photos are from!).

I think it’s interesting where Fairyland have taken these girls, to me they seem very very different to all the other Pukifees in that their faceup is quite dramatic and sophisticated, especially for a doll that essentially portrays a 5-6 year old child. Dony especially has very dark eye makeup and very done up lips however she is my favourite of the two, I think I would prefer her much more with darker eyebrows though.

So I haven’t decided if I’m going to order Dony – while I do like her I’m not getting the overwhelming NEED to own her like some of my other Pukifees. I do admit I have trouble resisting something new and shiny so I might cave before the ordering period is up.

Fairyland are also offering these bonuses during their event period (taken straight from their news&notices):

2. Event Gift Options

A. $250 or above : Hat for pukipuki/realpuki (BW resin)

B. $350 or above : PukiFee faceplate (NS or BW)

C. $450 or above : Little Fee faceplate (NS or BW)

D. $650 or above: MiniFee head (NS or BW)

E. $1500 or above: a + b + c + d (NOTE: “sp” gift is NOT included with “e” gift set option)

SP. $800 or above: Moe Line Boy one-piece type torso (NOTE: this gift cannot be selected with other gift options)

No news on what these free faceplates will look like but do note that there is an up to 30 business day delay on current orders – on top of the already long 50 (?) business days processing time – basically be prepared for a loooooooong wait.

Either way I can’t wait to start seeing these new girls around 🙂

XoX Cassemina

4 thoughts on “Fairyland Event!

  1. I am in love with Cony, and I think I need her fullset! Dark eye make up does not bother me, and actually Pukifee Pio, with his very dark eyes, is one on my favourite sculpts…

    • Cony’s outfit is adorable and she reminds me of Bonnie a bit so I can see why you would love her 🙂 I am thinking Dony might fit in nicely with Luna and Mio…so tempting!

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