Dolly Buying Ban

As of yesterday I am on a complete dolly ban! *GASP*

Now I haven’t decided whether this includes things like dolly wigs/clothes and other accessories but if it doesn’t my spending will still be fairly limited (I hope) although with my brilliant self control I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up with more dolls than ever this month.

What this mostly means is that unless Latidoll get around to actually shipping the dolls I have on order you won’t be seeing many new dolls on this blog in the coming months but you will hopefully see more of my current collection!

I have also re-discovered that with the cooler temperature come daylight savings which means by the time I get home from work it is literally pitch black outside and my photography using lights still leaves a lot to be desired so I’m going to try and be a lot more productive during the weekends – but since the light in my dolly room is the best during early mornings…that’s going to be tough.

Anyway recently I discovered an eBay seller who had some very very cute Pukifee fur wigs for an insane price (approx $4.50AUD with free shipping) and since it was so cheap I decided to try it out.

Enter the new look Amy:

DSC05381 copyI am pretty impressed by this $4.50 wig! It’s not hemmed or anything but I do like that it’s not super poofy every where and it has a very natural look to it. I mean come on – it was $4.50! It fits nicely over a silicone wig cap and can be styled quite easily (within reason) with a dolly hairbrush – I find my old Monster High brushes work perfectly on a whole variety of wigs.

The wig arrived really really fast but oddly enough I actually ordered 2 wigs and they were shipped separately…and the second one hasn’t arrived yet…I should probably message the seller about that. I have since ordered a bunch more so hopefully they work as well as this one does.

If you want to check these wigs out on eBay just do a quick search for Pukifee Wig – there aren’t that many other wigs for sale anywhere near that price 🙂

I also spent Sunday night procrastinating about going to bed by giving Winnie some new, more natural eyelashes, new glass eyes and a new hairdo:

DSC05389 copy Isn’t she just the cutest?! I’m really liking my AQ16 doll more and more.

XoX Cassemina

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