Darak Tiny Remy

If I were not on a total dolly buying ban my next purchase would definitely be a Tiny Remy.

For those of you who have never seen this little cutie before she is a 16cm tiny BJD from Darak with the most adorable little face and the cutest freckles.


Photo from Darak – click to go to their site!

I love her big eyes and her smiley mouth!

One thing that is very interesting is that in most owner photos you will see that she has a couple of visible front teeth however in all Darak photos that I can find they are suspiciously missing – even to the point where I suspect some photoshopping going on. For example this:


Her mouth area looks a little…pixelated

I think I prefer without the teeth personally but I don’t think that’s actually an option.

So Tiny Remy comes in 3 shades – white, natural and tan – their tan looks similar to the Fairyland tan based on their photos. Oh and their tan Remy clearly shows her teeth!


Even though they have pictures of a Type A and Type B body on their site I have asked and only the Type A body is available. This is the basic option without the extra torso joint so it looks similar to a Lati doll.

Also cutest photo ever:

11So I will be spending my Easter long weekend exercising my self-control!

Hope everyone is having a lovely Easter (if you celebrate it).

XoX Cassemina

P.S As I don’t actually own a Tiny Remy please note that all photos in this blog post have been taken from the Darak site 🙂

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