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Screenshot 1:01:2014 3:02 pmPuki Puki – the first doll/s to break my 16cm BJD rule.

When Fairyland announced their New Year Sarang Event and offered tan Puki Puki sculpts it was hard to resist. I would have been happier with a tan Pukifee event but you can’t win them all! I find it pretty much impossible to resist any tan skin doll (especially limited tan skin dolls).

The original tan Puki Puki line that FL released were the Chocopuki (I think this might have been a couple of years back?). These little guys were the cutest things! They are darker tan than the current tan that FL offer and had different faceups to the basic sculpts. Lily is my favourite chocopuki – I love her eyebrows and her disinterested expression! Sadly they all sold out quite a while ago and are quite expensive on the second hand market, I also have never seen Lily being offered for sale.


Unfortunately the current release of tan puki puki have the same faceup as the basic version, this means that Lily has her angry little eyebrows instead of the sweeter version above. But of course I still couldn’t resist her and purchased a blank version who I will find a faceup artist for when she arrives. Tan Puki Puki Ante, who I also ordered, on the other hand will (hopefully) be perfect! She’ll also be more of a surprise since she was never offered as a Chocopuki so there are no tan photos of her out in the wild!

Now onto some basic Puki Puki information – these little guys are 11.2cm (4.40 inches) tall. They come up to the shoulder on a Pukifee and have the same, only smaller, body. Since the smallest eyes that FL sell are 8mm I’m going out on a limb to say that Puki Puki use 8mm eyes! I find them a little more difficult to find clothing before due to their smaller size but don’t worry, there is still a wide variety of both outfits and wigs out there on both Etsy and eBay for these guys.

Anecdotally I have heard that they pose like champions – very much like their Pukifee siblings – but you do have to be careful of their teeny tiny hands and feet falling out of their sockets (although FL magnetise their dolls well). Even though I have seen many many photos of how small these guys are I truly cannot imagine what they will be like in real life. When Pukifee Ante first arrived I was amazed at how tiny she was and how she fit so cutely in my hand but Puki Pukis’ are quite a bit smaller than even that! You can definitely colour me excited 😀

XoX Cassemina

**Note: all images used in this post are original Fairyland Promo pictures**

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