About Me

Besides the obvious dolly addiction I am…

27 year old living in Melbourne, Australia

I work full-time to support my dolly and other shopping habits 🙂

I enjoy photography and crafting (all sorts of crafting) in my spare time

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I absolutely love all your dolls and pictures, you do a great job! Also, that’s a really beautiful dollhouse!
    And I just love the Pukifee wigs that are long, silky and straight with neat bangs! Like the strawberry blonde one that was on Ante (Buttercup) and also the blonde one on Leah, and my FAVORITE is that caramel/honey blonde wig on Sara when you had her!!! That color is perfect and the shape is so neat! Where do you get those wigs, I’ve been looking everywhere for wigs like that!!! ^ᴥ^
    Thanks, Sierra!

  2. Oops nevermind! I just found your post “The Wig-tionary”! Very helpful post, now I’ll go on formydoll.com and get their wigs! Thanks!

    • Hi there!
      So sorry for the late reply, everything has been going to spam lately! I’m so glad you found the post and it was helpful to you 🙂 I just love the wigs from Formydoll and I’m sure your girls will look adorable!

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