My Waiting Room

My personal waiting room – the list of dolls I’m waiting to arrive!

Latidoll ordered November 01 2013:

Lati Yellow Basic Lumi (NS) and Basic Sunny (NS) both with company faceup + event head Lulu

2012-10-16-16-21-08       2012-10-16-06-48-21

 Peakswoods (layaway) ordered December 03 2013

Fairy of Fairytales Hucky (NS + Girl faceup) & Event Head Naomi (NS +Girl Faceup)


Latidoll ordered December 24 2013

Beauty and the Beast ver. Candle holder [Haru] (Tan) & Beauty and the Beast ver. Mini Pot [W.Belle] (Tan)

Screenshot 30:12:2013 11:47 pm Screenshot 30:12:2013 11:47 pm-3


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