Tiny Delf Alice

DSC05341 copyI finally have a Tiny Delf!

This has been a long time coming but my Tiny Delf Alice has finally arrived. She’s a gorgeous Real Brown Skin with the default Luts faceup and since she was purchased second hand so I don’t know if/how much she has yellowed over time.

While I really love the sweet, subtle Luts makeup she does has a tiny chip in her eyeshadow which is slowly driving me insane – thankfully her wig is covering it up for now.

DSC05379 copy

L-R: Pukifee Tan, Lati Yellow Light Tan, Luts Real Skin Brown, AQ16 Real Skin Brown

These are the different shades of tan that I have in my collection – my favourite is still the Lati Yellow Light Tan which looks a little yellow in this picture but I think is a very realistic representation of a golden sun tan in real life. The Luts and AQ tans are also very nice although they tend towards the cooler browns than the golden Lati tan, I think I prefer the Luts tan slightly more than the AQ.

The Pukifee/Fairyland Tan is a different story – I think while it photographs beautifully in real life it comes across slightly grey and mauve-ish and lacks the warmth of the other companies. It’s probably more of a natural skin colour than a colour achieved by a sun tan if that makes sense!

You can also see here that Tiny Delfs are pretty much identical in size to a Lati Yellow however her head is a bit bigger – or at least her forehead area. This means that all my silicone wig caps don’t come close to fitting her – except the actual Luts ones (makes sense!). I also found her head cap very loose though it is held on by a magnet, it’s very easily removed even if most of the time that’s not on purpose.DSC05357 copyThe general consensus in the BJD community is that the tiny delf body is great and has great posability – closer to that of a Pukifee than a Lati Yellow. She definitely stands very solidly and I have no worries of her falling over. In fact while trying to get the four dolls to line up in a row for the photo above I gained a new respect for the Tiny Delf and her ability to stand up! My Lati Yellow just did not want to stand – even with shoes on – her knees would buckle and she would topple over, this is surprising since my other Latis have been quite good so I’m chalking this one up to loose stringing?

The one problem I have with Alice and probably Tiny Delfs in general are her arms. DSC05339 copyI hate them with a passion.

Keep in mind that my doll is second hand and might just be really loose but I find her arm/shoulder joints seriously problematic. They pop out of their joints way too easily and end up looking deformed most of the time.

DSC05348 copy

Straight, perfectly aligned arm

DSC05349 copy

Her arm looks broken…

DSC05351 copy

Opps joint popped out again!

DSC05349 copy

Very unnatural elbow…

Now I don’t know if it’s just me but I am struggling to get these arms into any sort of natural position. I would love to hear from anyone who has a Tiny Delf who has worked out how to pose these little guys!

My second problem is with her shoulders – I can’t get them down enough to have her arms by her side without it looking like I completely dislocated her shoulders, what am I doing wrong!?

DSC05345 copy

This is about as far as I can get her arms to go down by her side while still looking ‘natural’

Now besides from the arms I find the Tiny Delf body to be at least as a good, if not better than a Lati Yellow (well definitely better in the standing department!). Besides the additional chest joint they are pretty similar from the waist down, Alice can sit nicely and her legs/hips can lock into a series of different positions easily.

DSC05353 copyShe also has really nice and chubby little hands! I think these are adorable and quite realistic.

So while I think Alice is very cute and I’m happy to have a Luts doll in my collection, I don’t know if Tiny Delfs are my cup of tea – thankfully this means I won’t need to bring home anymore!

DSC05359 copy

Introducing Hadley!

She definitely has a certain charm though…

XoX Cassemina

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My Little Pullip

I don’t often post about my Pullips mostly because I’m pretty happy with my current collection and there haven’t been any changes/additions in a while. I did however order some kigurumis from Miss StarryHat which just arrived and they are so amazing I had to share with everyone!

I admit to being a massive My Little Pony fan so of course the kigurumis I ordered were of Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy. Sadly I didn’t get any photos of them by themselves as I got so excited I put them on my Pullips immediately.

So we have Pullip Cinciallegra as Flutteryshy (Type 3 Pullip Body):

DSC05371 copyAnd Pullip Suiseiseki (Or Souseiseki?) as Pinkie Pie (27cm Obitsu):

DSC05368 copyThese little onesies are incredible! They are so well made and so detailed, they have tiny little snaps along the front for very easy removable- and of course they are incredibly adorable! What’s also great is they fit perfectly on both Type 3 Pullip bodies (and I assume therefore all the other standard Pullip bodies) and 27cm obitsu bodies.

DSC05369 copyDSC05372 copyYou can see how accurate they are – look at Fluttershy’s little wings! I also love how their sleeves can be scrunched up and they stay that way!

DSC05362This is the best photo I have of the two together although Cinci is wearing her old wig – it’s the stock Alte wig which is one of the best stock wigs in my opinion – she had a quick wig change halfway through the photoshoot as this was just too heavy and full for her hood.

DSC05365 copyNow I just need a matching Rarity kigurumi and a tiny Lati sized Spike one…

XoX Cassemina

Bliss and Peony

Apologises for the lack of posts lately! I have been sick and then completely unmotivated which is definitely not a great combination.

During this period  I had a few arrivals – my PukiPuki PongPong and Niko as well as Tiny Delf Alice. I’ll post about Alice shortly but  first let me introduce you to…

DSC05334 copy

Bliss (PongPong) and Peony (Niko)

I literally googled ‘upbeat happy girls name’ for PongPong. Totally creative hey!

DSC05307 copy

Puki Group Shot!

As you can see Bliss has had a few wig changes already – Puki wigs are difficult to find! Besides the amazing mohair wigs that were handmade for me I also bought a few Puki wigs from DDE with my order.

I purchased 2 x Fairyland Puki wigs (the brown one with a fringe in the photo above and the blonde pigtail bun in the first photo) and a size 3 leekeworld wig. All three cost a fortune for what they are and all three are terrible. The Leeke wig doesn’t come close to fitting even with a silicone wig cap, there is no elastic so the wig just ‘floats’ on the dolls head. The brown Fairyland one fits perfectly but is terrible quality, the fringe has a permanent bend in it about half way down just from sitting against the edge of the wig cap – I have tried to boil this out and I think it made it worse – the top of the wig is also not natural and rounded, instead it’s a little square again because the wig cap is just bad. The blonde Fairyland wig while ADORABLE is the biggest one yet, it doesn’t even come close to fitting – Bliss is currently hot glued to her wig. TERRIBLE.

Anyway enough complaining about the wigs (for now anyway!)

In other news Lucy got some new eyes! I really like Glib acrylics for all my Fairyland dolls – they are very very reasonably priced and I think they have amazing realistic pupil patterns.

DSC05295 copySo my love affair with Pukis continues even though I have discovered they are not so easy to pose and balance when they don’t have a sheet of metal underneath them (or when the fake grass you use is too thick for the magnetism to work). There’s definitely more Puki purchases in the future since they are so tiny I can squeeze them into any corner of the dollhouse!

Also everyone needs a Pong in their life –

DSC05326 copy

One more happy Bliss pic for the road đŸ™‚

XoX Cassemina

Bee & Lucy

As you know my Pukis actually arrived late last week and have been sitting in their boxes waiting for their clothes and wigs to arrive. I hadn’t actually organised anything at all prior to their arrival so thankfully a lovely friend came to my rescue and sent me some items that she made for my girls!

My little satchel arrived yesterday (yay for friends in the same country as you!) and everything was just AMAZING! I spent so long playing with it all I didn’t actually get a chance to take any proper photos until today.

First up is my tan Puki Lily who looked like a ‘Bee’ to me:DSC05264 copy

I can’t get over how adorable she is, I love her little pout and her faceup is perfect once her angry little eyebrows are covered up. I need to seriously start thinking about getting a NS Lily too…

My tan Puki Ante – Lucy – also got in on the action:

DSC05271 copyShe looks amazing as a blonde but you will have to excuse her crazy evil soulless demon eyes. She actually has light green acrylics in (she came with the most hideous pink eyes!) but they are obviously not catching any of the light at all…either that or she is actually evil.

DSC05276 copySo let us talk about these amazing outfits – I love me a good fairy dress and these are the cutest little fairy dresses! I love how easily they are to get on and off and the best thing of course, is how adorable they look on! I also have matching dresses in pastel pink and pastel blue for my incoming Pukis – I hope they get here soon.

We can’t forget about the gorgeous wigs too! She made me four wigs in various colours and I love how they are not ultra poofy like most mohair wigs, I don’t think the tiny Puki heads can take all that hair really. As you can see the wigs fit my girls perfectly and they work so well, I actually put Lucy’s head (with wig on) inside a baby sock overnight to get a slightly sleeker look and it turned out exactly how I wanted it to.

If you are reading this M!ndy – thank you thank you thank you! For making such awesome Puki wigs and outfits and doing it so fast after I messaged you for help!

DSC05272 copy

Bee says “Dang right I look good!”

XoX Cassemina


Hard at Work

I actually got off my butt this weekend and took some photos – yay!

DSC05199 copyFirst up was my lovely Zoe – funny to think I was seriously considering selling her when she first arrived but after lots of trial and error with different looks she is one of my favourites now.

DSC05208 copyI thought I would give Sara a bit of a change up – I love her eyes and faceup but she sometimes is just a little too sad. This wig doesn’t really help make her any less sad but it’s cute and with the addition of the pink ribbon I’m calling it a win!

DSC05240 copyOh Pixie – she has slight wonk eye here, opps. I’m liking this auburn wig on her but I’m still not sure if it’s THE ONE.

DSC05254 copyI love my NS Flora but I keep seeing tan ones and they are to die for…maybe Avery needs a twin too (if Fairyland ever do another Tan Pukifee event!)

DSC05242 copyIt is surprisingly difficult to get two dolls to look in the same direction. Buttercup has spent her entire life here being a cute little redhead but sadly that seemed to clash with Pixie so she is now a strawberry blonde. Also somehow Pixie is taller than Buttercup – not sure how that works.

I plan on doing a BIIIIIIG group shot once all my Pukis have arrived and are dressed/wigged. Not really sure where I can take the photo so they all fit but that should be an interesting challenge.

I’m going to leave you with a quick ‘outtake’:

DSC05218 copy

Please noooooo…

Hubby tried to feed Sara a cookie – as you can see from her face she REALLY didn’t want it…her expression KILLS me here.

XoX Cassemina