The Wig-tionary

I get a lot of questions about where I get the wigs for my girls so even though I’ve mentioned it briefly in a previous post I thought I would go into a little more detail here!

Most of the wigs for my Pukifees and Lati Yellows come from formydoll – they have an amazing selection of wigs for tinies (I buy size SS which is 5.6 -5.7 inches) and great colours. I have also heard that they will custom make any wig style in any colour by request but I have yet to try this myself.


I’m about 80% sure Lea is wearing ‘[FMDSS M_18] COLOR F15’ but since the wig was sent by a lovely seller with my Ante, I can’t confirm this!

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My MYO Wig

Custom made mohair/angora/alpaca wigs are all the rage these days and I wanted to get in on the action!

Now I LOVE wigs, even with my Pullips I have far far more wigs than dolls. A new wig can change the look and feel of a doll so much that it’s almost like getting a new one! While I love synthetic fibre wigs that are smooth and shiny, I also like to have a collection of natural fibres in my arsenal. I find mohair and alpaca wigs especially tempting for the tinies because there are so few wigs in these sizes that don’t have a full, blunt fringe.

My first attempt at sewing a mohair wig was disastrous (and painful!), the first wig I made was WAY too small and the second was WAY too big. Not only that but my seams were way too big and it just kind of looked like a dogs breakfast. I’m not really sure how you are meant to stick a needle through the thick hide without killing your finger or how you can possibly sew seams so tiny either by hand or with a machine, so I pretty much gave up. Basically the end result was a lot of wasted mohair…opps.

Thankfully I had saved the mohair since it seemed like a waste to throw it out, even if it wasn’t exactly a ‘wig’ the fur on it was still good! Inspired by all the amazing alpaca wigs I have been seeing lately I decided to try my own using scraps of mohair.


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